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appear.ance of the female genitalia was readily presented on superficial examination or inspection. Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra Each section of the scrotum represented a labium majus, and the space between, the opening of the vulva. The extreme hypospadhas would make the urethral orifice appear as though projecting forward from the vestibule, and the diminutive penis would take rank as an enlarged clitoris. Close inspection would easily settle the question in even so extreme a case. On the other hand, the female might be mistaken for a male it the hymen was im- perforate with the labia wholly or partly united and the clitoris enlarged. Other modifications lent additional uncertainty to an accurate estimation of the true sex without thorough investiga- tion. Examination, ever so carefully made, by an ignorant per- son, whether professional or not, was certain in many of these cases to lead to confusion and a report of another case o| her- maphroditism. Certain pathological conditions of the external genitalia added still more to the difficulty in establishing the true sex without thorough investigation. He had seen a num- ber of these persons, some of them positively believed to be double-sexed by even medical men, and yet the differentiation had been easy. Modern Adulterations in Foods and their Relations to Disease.— Dr. E. 11. Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra IUeti.ey read a \n^\wv with this title. [It will he published hereafter.] Dr. G. V. CoNVEEY thought that it was best to particularize foods that were adulterated and adulterants. The writer upon this subject in von Ziemssen's " Encyclopaadia " made such a classification. There was not much food adulteration here when compared with its extent in other countries. Our supply of flour was so abundant that adulteration did not pay. It was true that we might find from thirty-two to one hundred and sixteen grains of alum in single loaves of bread, but it was introduced to make a whiter article than usual. Flour adulteration with us consisted only in mixing brands of different grades. Alum in flour was dangerous Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra to children, because it Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra made insoluble the phosphates when pap was prepared. We had adulterations of confectionery and arrow-root, also those of coffee essence. Coffee was often falsified by the addition of beans, chicory, peas, etc. So-called ready-ground coffee very often contained no trace of the article, but consisted of beans, peas, chicory, etc. Tea was adulterated with other herbs. " Overland " tea looked bad, but was good. In its passage across the continent (whence the name) it was shaken and crushed in railroad transit and partly pulverized. Preserved foods presented a rich field for fal?ification. Many of those that admitted of it were swollen in bulk with gelatin. Apple-sauce was also made of decayed apples, pumpkins, and gelatin. Sulphuric-acid vinegar was well known. Mustard and the chromate of lead and butter and copper mixtures were not infrequent. Cheese and oleomargarine combinations belonged to a later order. Cream was skimmed-off milk and oleomarga- rine substituted in its place. Cheese was also at times washed with bichloride Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra of mercury or arsenic solutions. Diluted milk 52 PROOEEDINQS OF SOCIETIES. [N. Y. Mkd. Jocb., was also harmful to young children, or infants depending upon it solely for support. Spice was often Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra composed of powdered "hardtack" and flavors. Then there were Cayenne pepper adulterations and those of chocolate and cocoa. These various falsifications were alluded to by him because they had not been mentioned in the paper, and he desired to have Dr. Bartley avail himself of them in elaborating the discussion and to indicate to him some additional fields of usefulness as a public health officer. Dr. LiTOT M. Hall related her experience with cooked meats. In an institution with which she had been connected as physi- cian and teacher she had observed several hundred persons. On several occasions there was considerable sickness, commencing with gastric disturbance and lasting some hours, that always followed a certain kitchen experience — that of the meats having been retained closely covered in the pots in which they had been cooked. This Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra mode of preparation and care was alwajs followed by the same results. Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra The former was stopped, and the latter no longer occurred. She was convinced that meat spoiled quickest when kept well covered in the pot or dish in which it had been cooked. She also related an instance in which a well- known brand of condensed milk was for a time discarded in the same institution because of a somewhat similar neglect to properly handle the milk. Dr. R. G. EocLBS was reminded of an Indian experience. A man and wife were taken sick from eating bread prepared at home. On examination Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra of the bread and flour, an alkaloid was found. It had developed in the flour. All specimens of the same lot in different sections contained the same dangerous ele- ment. He could not agree with Dr. Bartley in his explanation of the way in which gelatin was dangerous. All pharmacists sold Cooper's glue and French gelatin. It was at first free from all germs. It would keep if well sealed. The production of ptomaines in gelatin was Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra limited. Simple gelatin alone was not used to develop germs. For this purpose it was necessary to incorporate with it some broth. The experience of both Dr. Hall and Dr. Bartley with meat was noticeahle. He had seen Indians drive the crows and vultures off stinking carcasses lying on the plains, and eat them themselves without any bad results. He supposed that this was due to the carcasses not having been confined. The putrefactive germs became accustomed to get- ting along with little oxygen if the matter in which they de- veloped and throve was in a limited oxygen supply, and, if they were then introduced into the human stomach, they man- aged to live on what little oxygen they could get, and for a time set up trouble. If, Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra however, they throve on a body freely ex- posed to this gas, they became accustomed to a great deal of it, and died when they entered the stomach, because the supply was inadequate. He was not much interested Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra in beer adultera- Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra tions. He had not quite got the drift of Dr. Bartley's views with reference to the Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra use of antiseptics in beer. If they were used too early, all germ action would be inhibited, including that of yeast. This would shut off the proportion of alcohol. It seemed to him that, when using salicylic acid, enough would have to be employed to make its bitter taste easily perceptible. The bicarbonate Walmart Pharmacy Price Levitra of sodium would help to counteract this, but also the antiseptic eft'ect. He failed to see the use of the bicarbonate of sodium with the tartrates. Beer developed enough carbonic acid itself. There was a difterence between the slowly devel- oped beer of the ancients and that of rapid development of to- •day. Tyndall and Pasteur said that the new quick beer was the best. Dr. P! H. Kretzschmae referred to the blackness of Dr. Bartley's account of cases of tuberculosis resulting from the in- gestion of the milk of a tuberculous cow. Other causes might have produced the disease. Thus, the first patient might have had it from some other source as well as from the cow's milk. That