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psychiatriscb-neurologiscben Material. Miinchener medi- zinische Wochenschrift, 1910, p. 2403. Wolbarst, Abr. L. Personal Observations on the Ehr- lich-Hata "606." Medical Record. October 15. 1910, p. 672. W'olbarst, Abr. L. Ehrlich's Arsenobenzol: Que Es Levitra De 20 Mg Its Tech- nique and Indications for General Use. Seii- York Medi- cal Journal, November 12, 1910, p. 972. Wolbarst. The Treatment of Syphilis with Ehrlich- Ilata "606" Salvarsan. Interstate Medical Journal, 1901, 1, p. 48. . Zarubin, V. Ueber di.; Sypbilisbchandlung mit dem neuen Ehrlich-Hataschen Arsenpraparat "606." Monats- hefte fiir praktische Dermatologie, December 15, 1910, p. 551. Zickel, Heinz. Die Heilung der Syphilis und die iiher- raschenden Hcilerfolge durch Ehrlich-Hata 606 (Salvar- san), Berlin, 1910. Zieler. Entwickelung und Ergebnisse der modernen .Arsentherapie bei Sypbilis. Miinchener medizinische Wochenschrift, 1910, p. 2458. Zieler. Erfahrungen mit Ehrlich-Hata 606. Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift, 1910, 44, p. 2040. ^ Wechselmann W. The Treatment of Svnhilis with E lich s Dio.xydiamidoarsenobenzol. Lancet, October 29, i? ®ur ^ea^trs' gisnissions. Questions for discussion in this department are an- nounced at frequent intervals. So far as they have been decided upon, the further questions are as follows: CVI.—How do you treat obesity? (Closed January 16 19 II.) CVII. — hlow do you treat acute otitis media? (Answers due not later than February 1$, 191J.) CVIII. — Ho-M do you treat hiccough? (Answers due Que Es Levitra De 20 Mg not later than March 15, 1911.) Whoever ans2vers one of these questions in the manner most satisfactory to the editor ind his advisers zvill re- ceive a prize of 4V5. No importance whatever ivill be at tached to literary style, but the ativrd will be based solely on the value of the substance of the answer. It is re- quested (but not required) that the ansn'crs be short; if practicable no one anszver to contain more than si.r hun- dred words. All persons will be entitled to compete for the prise ivhether subscribers or not. This prise will not be aivarded lo any one person more than once within one year. Every anszver must be accompanied by the tmter's full name and address, both of which we must be at liberty to publish. All papers contributed become the property of the Jour- nal. Our readers are asked to suggest topics for dis- cussion. The prize of $^s for the best c.c.rav submitted in answer to question CV tca.v a7cardcd lo Dr. J. G. Walker, of lola. Kansas, whose article appeared on page 179. PRIZE QUESTION CV. THE TECHNIQUE FOR PERFORMING CIRCUM- CISION. (Continued Que Es Levitra De 20 Mg from poi^c iS-i.^ Dr. G. A. Graham, of Kansa.t City. Mo., remarks: Tn this simple operation, the principal causes for so many partial failures and bad results are : 228 OUR READERS' DISCUSSIONS. 1. Roiiti:!: handling uf Uie parts, bruising by clamping, tight sutiiies, ragged incisions, etc. The skin covering the penis, with its reduplication over the glans, forming the prepuce, is delicate, very loosely attached to the underlying structures, de- void of fat, becomes oedematous with the slightt^st traumatism, is easily infected, and slow to heal when infected. 2. Removing too much skin, so that on retraction the cut edge recedes too high on the body of the penis. This causes Que Es Levitra De 20 Mg tension on the sutures, and leaves insufficient tissue tc allow for erection, and if erection does occur before healing takes place, the sutures are torn out. 3. Removing too little skin, so that, on healing, a partial reproduction of the prepuce occurs. 4. Neglect to remove a sufficient amount of the fold covering the glans penis causes a redundanc}- of tissue on the lower surface and sides of the penis. 5. Performing circumcision when the incision must necessarily be through or very close to a ven- ereal sore. When there is phymosis from chancre or chan- croid, and the prepuce cannot be retracted to allow of sterilization of the parts, and cauterization of the sores, it is better to lay bare the glans penis bv a dorsal incision, and complete the operation after the sores have healed. Otherwise the wound becomes infected, the stitches break down, and we have one great venereal sore encirclmg the penis, the healing of which is a Que Es Levitra De 20 Mg slow and discouraging matter. Only when the sore is so situated that, before the operation, it can be thoroughly cauterized, or, if on the foreskin, when it can be cauterized anQue Es Levitra De 20 Mg performing the operation of circumcision a general anaesthetic is preferable, as its use gives the operator a free hand, unimpeded by the nervous- ness of the patient : it is as safe as the use of the