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t/ie>n.i)Hii from the adininistratiou of phosphorus in cod-liver oil, begin- ning with a dose of 1 milligramme of phosphorus per diem, and increas- ing the dosage one quarter of a milUgramme a day till 3 milligrammes are taken. After using this for fifteen days he follows with turpen- tine. • In chronic eczema of the nostrils cod-liver oil is given during the win- ter and arsenic during other seasons. Locally he employs lukewarm water or water containing 1 to 16 grains of sulphate of copper to the pint, by the spray, morning and evening ; and introduces pledgets of cotton covered with equal parts of diachylon ointment and olive-oil, or with a little yellow precipitate or boric acid. Eczema of the anus is treated by frequent bathing with lukewarm water, and covering with starch or linseed-meal poultices and an imper- meable tissue at night. To ease the itching after acute symptoms have passed, cocaine, 1 Para Que Es Levitra 20 Mg part to 100 parts of lard, is introduced Para Que Es Levitra 20 Mg into the anus. Withal a strict diet is to be maintained. In the treatment oi psoriasis, pyrogallic acid is given the preference over all apphcations. It is rubbed in and then bound on with flannel, the dressing being repeated every five days. It is stated that the daily application of a 10-per-ceut. ointment of )3-naphtliol will cure the ilc/i in five or six days. Artificial Alopecia Areata. — By section of the second cervical nerve peripherally from the ganglion. Dr. Max Joseph (" Ctrlbl. f. d. med. Wis- senschft.," March 13, 1886) has succeeded in produciog in cats and rabbits symptoms very similar to, if not identical with, of alo- pecia areata as it occurs iu man. This he did in five consecutive cases. Carbuncle Para Que Es Levitra 20 Mg treated with Hypodermic Injections of Carbolic Acid. — Dr. Hayes ("Northwestern Lancet," May, 1886) has had excellent re- sults from injecting a syringeful of the pure acid into the middle of the carbuncle and allowing through drainage by opening up the tup of the carbuncle and applying a flaxseed poultice. The Treatment of Erysipelas and Lymphangitis with Carbolic Acid.— Dr. Hofuiokl, of Vienna (" Wien. med. Prcsse," March 14, 1886), has found a two- to five-per-cent solution of carl^olic acid iu water of great service in erysipelas and lymphangitis, whether they arise from an evident wounded surface or not. His manner of using the solution is as follows: The limb (for it is of most service when the erysipelas or the lymphangitis attacks the extremities) is first washed with soap and water, followed l)y alcohol. Then linen or gauze compresses are soaked in the solution, wrung out, and placed about the affected part, the compress extending for a hand-breadth beyond its margin. Over this an impermeable material is placed, and over this many layers of linen or cotton cloth are laid. The whole is confined by a bandage, and allowed to be in place for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. He always begins with a weak solution, increasing the strength when he learns the resist- ance of the patient to carbolic-acid poisoning. If any wound is present it is first to be covered with gutta-percha tissue, or a layer of zinc or boric acid ointment in order to avoid absorption. He has never had any bad consequences from this method, though he has met with pass- ing carbolic-acid urine. In superficial erysipelas he has usually suc- ceeded in stopping the process in a few days. If deep abscesses have formed, the superficial inflammation will be limited by this treatment to the neighborhood of the abscess, which can be opened and the dress- ing reapplied, and soon the whole trouljle will be cured. This method is not suitable to erysipelas of the face, nor so well adapted to that of the trunk, as those regions do not allow of sufficiently exact bandaging. This article is supplemented, in another issue of the same journal, by Dr. Konetschke, who describes his treatment of facial erysipelas. He uses a ten-per-cent. solution of carbolic acid in oil, which is rubbed gently but firmly into the diseas^ part and beyond. If the disease affects the scalp, the hair Para Que Es Levitra 20 Mg is to be opened up about the area and the oil rubbed in. The applications are to be repeated every hour. A cure is effected in two days or less. Lichen. — Under the heading " Lichen " an attempt is Para Que Es Levitra 20 Mg made by Dr. Emile Tidal ("Ann. de dermatol. et de syphilig.," March, 1886) to over- throw the teachings of the Vienna school and the nomenclature adopted by the dermatologists of Germany, England, and the United States. Dr. Vidal's lichen includes papular eczema, pruritus senilis sen cutane- os, and the prurigo of Hebra — diseases to us so distinct that we won- der he did not also place in the category all the other papular diseases. But he regards lichen pilaris as a species of xeroderma; lichen scrofu- losorum as an affection of the pilo-sebaceous sj-stem ; and lichen ruber acuminatus et planus as a disease of entirely separate character. For him there are two main divisions of lichen — viz., 1. Simple lichen; 2. Polymorphous lichen. Lichen simplex may be acute or chronic, and either form may be general or partial. It corresponds to what we un- derstand as acute and chronic papular eczema, having the same essen- tial Para Que Es Levitra 20 Mg lesion, the same seats of predilection, the same tendency to form patches, to suffer relapses, to form vesicles when irritated, and to be attended with a thickening of the skin. His " lichen polymorphe " has two varieties : 1 . L. polymorphe mitis ; 2. L. pohnnorphe ferox. The first corresponds in ietiology and course to that form of chronic eczema so commonly met with in grocers, washerwomen, and the like, where there is a dry, cracked, more or less papulated condition of the skin of the wrists, forearms, and hands. The second — 1. polymorphe Para Que Es Levitra 20 Mg ferox — is, as he acknowledges, identical with the prurigo of Hebra. In the treatment of ai-iote lichen he gives valerian, musk, and cas- toreum, and has seen the administration of a drachm of tincture of musk relieve the intense pruritus. In the chronic forms of lichen he mainly relies upon arsenate of sodium for internal use. The external treatment of anite lichen simplex consists in baths of agreeable tem- perature, lasting ten to fifteen minutes, and medicated with one or two pints of vinegar, followed by powdering the skin. In chronic lichen he anoints the parts two or three times a day with an ointment com- posed of ^ Glycerole of starch 20 parts. Tartaric acid 1 part, which may cause some smarting for a few minutes but is soon followed by great ease. In circumscribed chronic eczema, as of the genitals and anus, he uses five parts of oil of cade to thirty of glycerole of starch, and gradually increases the strength till equal parts are em- ployed. If itching is very intense, he has found two-and-a-half to five- per-cent. lotions of chloral hydrate or one-per-cent. Para Que Es Levitra 20 Mg lotions of chloro- form afford great relief. In pruric/o he has had the best resuts from protecting the parts from scratching by the use of an adhesive plaster composed of Lead plaster made with cod-liver nil 600 parts; Yellow wax 250 " Cod-liver oil 360 " Starch 20 " Water, sufficient to dissolve the starch. This he has Para Que Es Levitra 20 Mg found Para Que Es Levitra 20 Mg useful in all obstinate forms of lichen. iscfUano . The American Neurological Association will hold its annual meet,