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40-10° 36-96° 77-00° F.! 8816° i 81-50° Inquiries instituted in Saxonj-, at the expense of that government, have disclosed that in the very high localities of Erz and Riesengebirge a large percentage of phthisis de- veloped as soon as the inhabitants turned their attention to the industrial arts, such as mining and the manufacture of china; while, on the other hand, the percentage in the low- lands was diminished when the people were engaged in agriculture and cattle-raising. This result is certainly in consonance with the steady current of our notions as to the aetiology and Order Levitra Online Cheap pathology of pulmonary phthisis. Thermometrical records have been kept at Blue Mount- ain Lake, showing the maximum and Order Levitra Online Cheap minimum tempera- ture in the twenty-four hours for three years — viz., 1883, 1884, and 1885. The general average of the temperature reads : ATUBE iTURE 1883. 1884. 1885. 1883. 1884. 1885. ■5""" 41 40 fiO 1 -18 18 49 46 52 62 40 60 1 3 -12 in 25it March April May fi7