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idiosyncrasy ; delirium tremens ; active pulmonary Order Levitra From Canada tuberculosis. In no case was there any untoward symptom after anesthesia except in the case of alcoholism. One case with ulcerating procedentia died seventeen days after, of pneumonia. The re- duction of shock was most marked, the only sensa- ANNUAL MEETING OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. 1239 tion being noted was the the first prick of the needles. Additional ether was Order Levitra From Canada given in one or two cases during the operation, but later studies tended to show that this was an unnecessary procedure. In some cases the packing back of tlie intestines seemed to occasion discomfort. A certain class of patients registered any sensation as pain i)y crying out or struggling. Certain islands of memory re- mained, but there was no definite reconstruction of the picture. In order to do the nerve trunk anes- thesia the jjatient was placed in a sitting posture with the back arched. The skin Order Levitra From Canada was preijarcd with iodin and alcohol. The sixth dorsal and the third lumbar were located. In anesthesia of the neck the column was entered from the side. The coccyx was ap])roachcd by the second sacral foramen. The needle used was 9/10 centimeter in diameter and of ihve centimeter capacity. Bright light, loud noise, or any disturbance made the i>atient restless during operation. A preliminary dose of veronal was given the night before and tlie injection of scopolamine- morphine two and one half hours before 0[)eration. This was re])ealed as often as necessary. There was no contrainrlication to the method unless im- mediate ;nu>tlivsia was ri.'i|uirc(l. The Pathology of Hemorrhagic Myomas and Their Relation to Sarcoma (lantern demonstra- tion). — Dr. A. K. 1 li.KTZi.KK, of Kansas City, re- minded his hearers of the clinical significance of certain tyjies of myomatous degeneration. That, and the develoi)mcnt of hyalin degeneration of the vessel walls being illustrated and it was shown that hemorrhage into the tumor substance was due to changes in the vessel walls. The time Order Levitra From Canada of hemorrh-ige in some myomas could be determined by the clinical history of the case. This was due to increased vascularization during develojmient. .An interesting point was Order Levitra From Canada the chemical change in the blood, a lytic ])ower being developed and a lack of calcium being found in the exudates, although just what signifi- cance this had was not as yet known. The whole question of sarcomatous development from hemor- rhagic myomas was jirobably strictly a chemical ])r()p(isili()n. The Radical Treatment of Cancer of the Cervix by Igni Extirpation — Dr. E A. Weiss, of Pitts- burgli. considered r.idium and x ray treatment as [)alliative measures only. The Wertbeim operation was admirable, but there was Order Levitra From Canada a high ()rimary mortal- ity, llie incidence of infection, hemorrhage, shock, and of recurrences was liigh in operations on cancer of the cervix, (."onsensus of oj)inion showed that cautery by heat )>roduced the best o(X'rative results with this technic. h'orty-five per cent of patients survived the five year period. In W'ertheim's operation twenty-five per cent, survived the five year jieriod. In the Werner operation the cautery cfiVctively iirevented recurrence at the site of opera- tion by implantation of cancer cells. Large blood- vessels were easily controlled by the cautery with the Down's electric endotribe. This absence of bleeding tended to eliminate sliock. .\ Order Levitra From Canada Percy flat blade, heated to a dull red iieat was most satisfac- tory. A high am]iutation of the cervix could be effected without bleeding, care being taken to ma- nipulate the cancer mass as Order Levitra From Canada little as possible. In searcliintr for metastases it should be remembered that thickening of the tissues might be Order Levitra From Canada merely in- flammatory. In doing the operation, injury to the bladder and ureters was avoided by drawing the ureters aside and retracting the bladder. The knife was applied to the parametrium, the ligaments being made tense. Advantages of this methcKl were the lov/ered mortality, less pain and shock, and smooth convalescence. The Age of Menopause : A Statistical Study.— Dr. K. I. S.x.NKs, of Pittsburgh, Pa., presented eight statistical charts on the menopause. Chart No. I, according to the data collected from literature (thirty-two nations), showed that the Caucasian races reached the menopause somewhat later than the Indian, the Indian later than the Mongolian. The data on the Ethiopean races are so meagre as to be of no value. The Order Levitra From Canada northern races, according to literature, cease menstruating later in life than the southern. The warmer the climate the earlier tlie menopause. Striking excep- tions to this general statement were cited and, as possible explanation, the fact of racial admixture, local climatic peculiarities, and various social differ- ences. The 708 menopause patients collected from the author's case records showed an average of climacteric age of 47.1. In Chart No. Ill pelvic disease seemed to have influenced the average age of menopause in 265 cases. .Among the diseases showing a higher aver- age than the above cited were : fibroids, 47.96 years ; adherent retroverted uteri, 47.71 years; endome- tritis, 47.^)5 years ; uterine cancer, 47.33 years. Adnexal inflammation showed about the same as the general average. 47.03. Order Levitra From Canada Among the diseases with a menopause age below the average were : unadherent retroverted uteri, 45.84 years ; relaxed pelvic floor cases, 45.62 years : ovarian cysts. 44 years ; underdevelopment and atrophy of sexual or- gans, 39.46 years. Excluding from the total num- ber of i)aticnts the cases with |)elvic pathology the author obtained an average menopause age of 47.005, a very slight diflferencc from the gencr^ average. Order Levitra From Canada .Most of the 115 menopause cases of Chart No. Ill with chronic general extrapelvic pathology showed a higher mcnopau.se average than normal : cardiovascular disease, 48.6 years : gout, 48 years ; chabetcs, 47.9 years ; cholelithiasis, 47.7 years ; mod- erate hyperthyroidism, 47.5. Chronic nephritis