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ing at the Howland House, Long Branch, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, July 21st, 22d, and 23d. There will be two daily sessions, one from 10 A. M. to 1 p. M. and one from 3 to 5 v. m. A number of inter- esting Low Price Levitra papers have been announced. 56 MISCELLANl. [N. Y. Mkd. Jode. The American Shinological Low Price Levitra Association will hold its fourth annual meeting at St. Louis on Wednesday, October 6, Low Price Levitra 1886. Newspaper Medicine. — According to one of the daily papers, the procedure of sewing up lacerated intestines is laparotomy. Low Price Levitra THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. Drees's Solution of Albuminate of Iron in the Treatment of Circu- lar Ulcer of the Stomach. — This solution, termed liquur ferri ulbumi- nuti (Drees), is made liya pharmacist of that name at Bentheim in Han- nover. It contains five per cent, of sesquioxide of iron, and is said to be absolutely free from acid, from any tendency to induce coagulation or undergo precipitation in the stomach, and from any injurious action on the teeth. To adults it is given in doses of half a teaspoonful or a teaspoonful, three times a day, and the first-mentioned is given to chil- dren over five years old. Dr. te Gempt (" Berlin, klin. Woch.," 1886, No. 15 ; "Ctrlbl. f. d. ges. Therap.," June, 1886) has used it in a num- ber of cases of circular ulcer of the stomach, and with the most satis- factory results. With its use he conjoins that of Carlsbad salts and the dietetic measures recommended by von Ziemssen, and avoids recourse to narcotics except occasionally. The vomiting of blood is speedily checked by the iron solution, its long-continued use produces no incon- venience, and it |iromotes the appetite. Iodide of Potassium in the Low Price Levitra Treatment of Infantile Broncho-pneu- monia.— Dr. Zinnis, of Athens (" Arch, di Pat. Inf.," May, 1886 ; " Rev. des mal. de reufauce," June, 1886), Low Price Levitra has been employing this drug for nearly ten years, with most satisfactory results. He states that it is most useful in the early stage of primary broncho-pneumonia, and in the case of well-nourished children between the ages of one and Low Price Levitra five. It acts more rapidly in the subacute than in the Low Price Levitra acute form of the dis- ease. When given in doses of from eight to twenty grains, dissolved in three ounces of water, Low Price Levitra it lowers the temperature within two or three days, reduces the frequency of the respiration, and assists the expulsion of mucus, while a marked improvement in the local Low Price Levitra condition will be noted. If this effect is not obtained within three days after beginning the use of the drug, it is useless to continue it. Zinnis regards the iodide as a true specific in broncho-pneumonia. Papayotin in Lesions of the Low Price Levitra Tongue. — Schwimmer, of Budapesth ("Wiener med. Woch.," Nos. Low Price Levitra 9-11, 1886), speaks highly of the use of local applications of a five- to ten-per-cent. solution of this drug in certain Low Price Levitra affections of the tongue. Twenty-five cases of leukoplakia buc- calis are also mentioned as having been successfully treated. The drug rapidly dissolves the old epithelium and favors the formation of a fresh layer. The following solution was used : Papayotin , 8 to 16 grains ; Glycerin, i »,, . Low Price Levitra . _.\.„ , , -each.. 75 mmims. Distdled water, j The writer directs that the affected surface be carefully dried and then painted from two to six times a day Low Price Levitra with a camel's-hair brush. The Internal Administration of Chrysarobin in Infantile Eczema. Stocquart ("Monatsch. f. prakt. Dermat.," Jan., 1886) reports a number of cases of eczema in children, all of which were treated with small doses of chrysarobin, from a thirtieth to a tenth of a grain, or even a grain, being administered daily. The periods of cure did not exceed ten days. Theoretically, the drug is supposed to exercise a con- stricting action upon the capillaries of the skin. Salicylic-Acid Ointments for Eczema of the Scalp. — The " Union m^dicale " for June 20th gives the following formuUe : (1) Salicylic acid 9 grains; Tincture of benzoin 20 drops ; Vaseline 1 ounce. (2) Salicylic acid 1 part ; St'i'''^''- (.each ISparts; Oxide of zinc, ) Vaseline 30 " Salicylic Acid in the Treatment of Glycosuria.— The " Brit. Med. Jour." for May 1, 1866, contains an article by Dr. Holden, in which he reports six cases of "rheumatic" glycosuria in which the administra- tion of fifteen-grain doses of salicylic acid, thrice daily, was followed by a rapid disappearance of sugar from the urine, no change being made in the patient's diet. When tried in four other cases, in which rheumatic symptoms were absent, the drug had no effect. He recom- mends the following combination : Salicylic acid 2 drachms : Bicarbonate of sodium 1 drachm ; Carbonate of ammonium 1 " Water 1 ounce. Mix thoroughly, and, after effervescence has ceased, add water up to twelve ounces. Dose, an ounce to an ounce and a half three times daily. The Antiseptic Action of Vinegar in Diphtheria. — Engelraann ("Ctrlbl. f. klin. Med.," 1886, Xo. 14) speaks highly of local applica- tions of vinegar, which he uses as a gargle (diluted one half), in spray, or on a brush, one pait to four of water. He regards vinegar as a more reliable germicide than a five-per-cent. solution of carbolic acid, while it is cheaper and more agreeable as a gargle, being devoid of the irri-