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Typhus Typhoid fever Scarlet fever Cerebro-spiual meningitis Measles Diphtheria Small-pox Week ending June 29. Week ending July 6. The Pasteur Institute in New York. — A recent newspa- per account of the alFairs of this institution represents one of the chief promoters as having said that, "unless the Levitra Prices Walgreens public be- gan to show more interest than hitherto in the American Pas- Levitra Prices Walgreens teur Institute, and did something to support it, the last rabbit would be cremated at the end of August, and the virus de- stroyed." This was coupled with the statement tliat, except twenty dollars subscribed, the whole expense of the undertak- ing had been borne by the gentleman in question. The German Hospital.— We are glad to learn tliat the fes- tival lately held in aid of the German Hospital and Dispensary proved successful. It is announced that the net receipts are estimated at $4,000. Personal Items.— Dr. H. Marion-Sims and Dr. George Henry Fox, of New Levitra Prices Walgreens York; Dr. E. 0. Dudley, of Chicago; and Dr. J. S. Radcliife, of Levitra Prices Walgreens Washington, sailed for Europe last week. Army Intelligence.— CJ/^ciaZ LUt of Changes in the Sta- tions Levitra Prices Walgreens and Duties of Officers serving in the Medical Dejiart- ment, United States Army, from June 27, 18S6, to July 3, 1SS6: McParlin, Thomas A., Colonel and Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for two months, with permission to apply for an extension of one month. S. 0. 146, A. G. O., June 25, 1886. Page, Chaeles, Lieutenant-Colonel and Surgeon. Leave of ab- sence extended ten days. S. O. 146, A. G. O., June 2.5, 1886. Mageuoer, D. L., Lieutenant-Colonel and Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for two months, to take effect on or about July 1, 1886. S. O. 146, A. G. 0., June 25, 1886. Promotions. Beowx, Josepu B., Lieutenant-Colonel and Surgeon. To be surgeon, with the rank of colonel, January 24, 1886. Circu- lar, A. G. O., June 28, 1886. Heger, Anthony, Major and Levitra Prices Walgreens Surgeon. To be surgeon, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, January 24, 1886. Circular, A. G. O., June 28, 1886. ViOKEET, Richard S., Major and Surgeon. Assigned to duty as surgeon in charge of Army and Navy General Hospital at Hot Springs, Arkansas. S. O. 150, A. G. O., June 30, 1886. Naval Intelligence.— (9^ jciZ List of Changes in the Medi- cal Corps of the United States Navy for the week ending July 3, 1886. Geeen, E. H., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to the Naval Laboratory at Brooklyn for temporary duty. Beown, J. M., Medical Director. Appointed member of the Retiring and Examining Board. Ogden, F. N., Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to the Juniata. Siegfried, C. A., Surgeon. Granted three months' leave of ab- sence Levitra Prices Walgreens abroad. Hall, J. H. H., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the Museum of Hygiene, and ordered to the Naval Hospital at Brooklyn. Wbntwoeth, a. R., Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the St. Louis, and ordered to the Brooklyn. Decker, Corbin J., Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to the St. Louis. Bbrryhill, T. O., Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to the Museum of Hygiene. Marine-Hospital Service. — Official List of Changes of Stations and Duties of Medical Officers of the United States Marine-Hospital Service, for the two iceehs ended June S6, 1886: Sawtelle, H. W., Surgeon. To proceed to Wilmington, Oal., on special duty. June 22, 1886. Wheeler, W. A., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for thirty days. June 23, 1886. Williams, L. L., Assistant Surgeon. To proceed to Buffalo, N. Y., for temporary duty. June 24, 1886. Norman, .Seaton, Assistant Surgeon. To proceed to Cleve- land, Ohio, for temporary duty. June 26, 1886. Society Meetings for the Coming Week : Monday, July 12th: New Y'ork (;)phtl]almological Society (pri- vate); New York Medico-Historical Society (private); Levitra Prices Walgreens New Y^ork Academy of Medicine (Section in Surgery) ; Boston Society for Medical Improvement ; Gynascological Society of Boston ; Levitra Prices Walgreens Burlington, Vt., Medical and Surgical Club ; Nor- walk. Conn., Medical Society (private). Tuesday, July 13th : Medical Societies of the Counties uf Levitra Prices Walgreens Clin- ton (semi-annual — Plattsburgh) ; Jefferson (semi-annual — Watertown) ; Madison (anuual); Oneida (annual— Levitra Prices Walgreens Utica) ; 48