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Arsenic in Levitra Prices Uk Skin Diseases.— The editor of the "Journal of Cutaneous and Venereal Diseases " is desirous of ascertaining to what extent arsenic' is used by American physicians in the treatment of skin diseases, and also the results of their experi- ence as to its therapeutical value. Information upon the fol- lowing points is requested of every physician who reads this : Are you in the habit of employing arsenic, generally, in the treatment of skin diseases? In what diseases of the skin have you found arsenic of superior value to other remedies? What ill effects, if any, have you observed from its use ? AVhat prepa- ration of the drug do you prefei', and in what doses do you em- ploy it? Address, Editor of the "Journal of Cutaneous and Venereal Diseases," 66 West 40th Street, New York. Society Meetings for the Coming Week : Monday, July 19th: Hartford, Conn., Levitra Prices Uk City Medical Association Chicago Medical Society. Tuesday, July 20th : Medical Societies of the Counties of Kings and Otsego (annual — Cooperstown), N. Y. ; Ogdensburg Medical Association. Wednesday, July Slst: American Neurological Association (first day — Long Branch, Levitra Prices Uk N. J.). Thubsday, July 22(1: American Neurological Association (sec- ond day). Friday, July 23d : American Neurological Association (tliird day). Urotecbings of Societies. NEW YORK PATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Meeting of May 26, 1S86. The President, Dr. John A. Wyeth, in the Chaii. Dr. Waldstein, of the Committee on Microscopy, reported on the specimen presented at a recent meeting by Dr. George F. Shrady, being a hard plate, Y cm. long and 3'5 cm. wide, with several sharp processes, connected with the spleen. They found the specimen to be one of chronic perisplenitis with cal- cification of tissue. The condition was very rare. Leucaemia. — Dr. Hodexpyl presented specimens removed from the body of a man who had died with the symptoms of leucfemia. The patient said that eight months previously he was in perfect health. He then sustained an injury of Levitra Prices Uk the left hand, which was followed by inflammation and an indolent ulcer of the forearm. Six months ago he had an abscess of the thigh, which resulted Levitra Prices Uk in an indolent ulcer. Three months ago he noticed a change in the color of his skin. He gradually lost strength, his appetite failed, and diarrhoea developed. Two months ago there was swelling of the epigastrium, which was somewhat tender; at the same time there was anasarca of the feet and ankles, which gradually extended upward, also slight dyspnoea and cough. On admission to the hospital, the patient appeared to be fairly nourished, the skin was Levitra Prices Uk of a dirty yellow- ish-white, the raucous membranes were almost bloodless, and the superficial veins were enlarged. There were evidences of chronic bronchitis. There was a systolic murmur heard most distinctly at the apex, also an ansemic bruit with the first sound at the base of the heart. The area of splenic dullness was in- creased. There was no fluid in the abdominal cavity. The blood was examined a few days before death, and showed acid reaction, and contained a large increase in the number of the white blood-cells. The temperature was 101'6° F. The patient complained most of dyspnoea during the night. The night of May 23d he had violent delirium. Levitra Prices Uk At Levitra Prices Uk the autopsy, sixteen hours after death, the rigor moi'tis was not at all well marked. There was peribronchitis, with a small amount of fluid in the pleural cavity, and the pericardium contained several ounces of clear fluid. The liver was enlarged. The spleen was enlarged and showed perisplenitis. There was a moderate amount of diffuse nephritis. The organs were pale. The lymphatics throughout the body were enlarged. Multiple Stricture of the (Esophagus; Gastrostomy. — Dr. A. Jaoobi [iresented the (esophagus and part of the stomach of a man in whom were found at the autopsy the following lesions : Multiple strictures of the tesophagus, commencing acute perito- nitis near the wound where gastrostomy had been performed, chronic endocarditis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, broncho- pneumonia, acute pleurisy, chronic diffuse nephritis, chronic in- terstitial nephritis, and chronic gastritis. The patient in 1885 drank some spirits of ammonia by mistake. Since then there had been gradually increasing difliculty Levitra Prices Uk in swallowing. Lately he had had difl:culty in swallowing even liquids. A short time ago a physician attempted to Levitra Prices Uk introduce oesophageal bougies, and a small one was said to have passed. The patient on entering the hospital was found Levitra Prices Uk to weigh eighty-eight pounds ; formerly he had weighed one hundred and sixty pounds. Numerous ef- forts were made to pass small bougies. They p.assed Levitra Prices Uk some of the strictures, but none could be made to enter the stomach. The smallest stricture was situated low down. Finally gastros- tomy Levitra Prices Uk was resorted to. An incision two inches long was first made, and afterward, on account of the difiiculty of reaching the stomach, was prolonged to three inches and a half. The stom- ach was Levitra Prices Uk Levitra Prices Uk then stitched to the incision in the abdomen with a large number of stitches so as to cause adhesive inflammation to take place more rapidly. It was then resolved not to m.ike the opening into the stomach for a few days, until after adhesion had been completed. Meanwhile alimentation was to be con- tinued by rectal enemata. The patient died of exhaustion a number of hours after the operation. In addition to the lesions already mentioned, the speaker called attention to the principal stricture of the oesophagus, situated near the stomach, sixteen inches and a half below the teeth. There were wounds of the mucous membrane at the sites of the difterent strictures, evi- dently the result of attempts to introduce bougies. There was a communication between the oesophagus just above the lower stricture and the stomach by Levitra Prices Uk way of an artificial duct made by a bougie, in the course of which there Levitra Prices Uk was an abscess which con- 76 PROOEEDiyaS OF SOCIETIES. [N. Y. Mku. Joue., tained pieces of egg-shell. The case illustrated the danger of cesopliajieiil bougies even when very gently used. Congenital Choroido-cyclitis the Canse of Sympathetic