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Montana Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New York North Carolina . . Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania.. . , Rhode Island. . . , South Carolina. . Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Ter Levitra Prices Cvs West Virginia. . Wisconsin Total 437 162 19 171 14 461 364 306 692 4 37 9 35 1 1 42 87 144 75 1 58 7 148 67 107 6,165 2,493 Levitra Prices Cvs THOMSEN'S DISEASE AS AN Levitra Prices Cvs INTERCURRENT SYMPTOM WITH ANTERO-LATERAL SCLEROSIS; Levitra Prices Cvs A Brief Case Record. By C. H. hughes, M. D., lecturer on neurology in the st. louis sfbdical college. On June 9th James F., from a town in southern Illinois, was referred to me with the following history Levitra Prices Cvs and .symptoms: Three years ago a frightened cow came running toward him, and, in attempting to jump over him, struck his uplifted right arm with such force as to cause him to fall violently to the ground. His arm struck against his Levitra Prices Cvs head, and when lie fell and struck the ground with his head he " felt a snap in the u^per part of his spine." His left shoulder and a spot in the spinal cohimn at about the second dorsal vertebra were very painful and tender for a limg time after the accident. The temperature of tlie head and spinal anrfaces was normal when I examined him. About the first of last March his lower limbs had a sensation of colilness and his head became somewhat dizzy. His neck be- came stiff and wasdrav^n to the left side for several weeks. His pulse became intermittent immediately after the accident, losing the seventh and fourteenth beats, and so continues at this time. He began, also, just after the accident, to awaken once or twice during the night, Levitra Prices Cvs though he would fall asleep again, and he would awaken earlier than usual in the morning and remain awake all day. This symptom I have noticed come on quite often in sclerosis, especially in disseminated cerebral sclerosis, and it is worthy of more attention as a symptomatic datum than it has received. He has no fulgurant pains, but the tendon retles in both pa- tellar tendons is markedly exaggerated below the knee. He walks clumsily and requires a cane or the help of a friend to get along on his feet, and, on attempting to sit in a chair, when he gets within a few inches of the seat he drops into it precipitate- ly. There are no abnormal sensations in the soles of his feet when he walks, as in tabes dorsalis. He gives no account or evidence of specific disease, antecedent or present. He has con- trol over his bowels and bladder, but his bowels are habitually constipated. He has had oesophageal spasm in attempting to swallow, but is not how troubled in that way. He gets rigid all over in the morning vvhen he first attempts to move to get Levitra Prices Cvs up,