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Cases. Deatlis. Cases. Deatlis. 1 8 1 10 4 13 3 34 5 4 4 5 6 62 10 74 12 80 38 69 34 1 2 Cholera in Europe.— The disease is reported to have ad- vanced as far as Venice and Trieste. There is still time for it to reach America this year, but, since the summer is now half over without its having made much headway in Europe, the chance of its coming here seems very small. July ir, 188«. PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. .75 A Pasteur Institute in Buenos Levitra Prices At Walmart Aires. — At a meeting lately held at the rooms of the Argentine Medical Club, steps were taken toward the establishment of Levitra Prices At Walmart a Pasteur institute, in support of which it is thought that the South American coun- tries will generally contribute. A preliminary step in the undertaking is the sending of a gold medal to Levitra Prices At Walmart M. Pasteur, bear- ing the inscription " A M. Pasteur. Los organizadores del Ins- tituto Pasteur en Buenos Aires." The New York County Medical Association.— An error crept into our reporter's account of the meeting of May ITtli, which was -published in our last issue, page Levitra Prices At Walmart 48. The name of the physician mentioned in the case reported by Dr. Lusk was Dr. Mead, and not Dr. Lee. Personal Items. — Dr. John S. Billings, of the array ; Dr. Fordyce Barker, Dr. P. F. Cliambers, Dr. F. Ilustace, Dr. An- drew H. Smith, Dr. Newton M. Shaffer, Dr. George M. Tuttle, and Dr. Henry F. Walker, of New York ; Dr. Louis Starr, of Philadelphia ; Dr. James R. Chadwick, of Boston ; Dr. H. P. C. "Wilson and Dr. Frank Donaldson, of Baltimore; and Dr. W. C. Wile, of Sandy Hook, Conn., sailed for Europe last week. Dr. "W. T. Lusk, of New York, sails to-day.