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sheep is the best — is treated with an alkaline solution, which is subse- quently run off from the wool and evaporated to get rid of the salts. The fatty matter is separated by a centrifugal machine. Lanolin when purified presents itself as a fatty body, viscous, yel- lowish, of feeble odor and neutral reaction. It is soluble in Levitra Prescription Assistance ether, chloroform, and benzine, but insoluble in alcohol. With water contain- ing a trace of carbonate of sodium it forms a milky emulsion which is durable. It does not saponify by ordinary means. It readily absorbs its weight of water and about twice its weight of glycerin, pi'oducing a homogeneous and stable mixture. It mixes perfectly with mercury, so that, after half an hour's trituration, no mercurial globules can be seen Levitra Prescription Assistance with the loupe. It easily takes up its weight of concentrated saline solu- tions, such as iodide of potassium, subacetate of lead, etc. It is readily absorbed by the skin. Non-virulent XTrethritis. — The gonococcus has been well introduced as the cause of specific gonorrhcea, and now Dr. Max Bockhart, of Wies- baden (" Monatsh. f. prakt. Dermatol.," April, 1886), professes to have found at least two other cocci as causes of non-specific urethritis, or " pseudo-gonorrhoea." These he describes as a Levitra Prescription Assistance hitherto unknown small " staphylococcus " and an ovoid " streptococcus," which he found in the urethral discharge of several men afflicted with the malady in question, and also in Levitra Prescription Assistance the vaginal secretion of a few women. They were properly cultivated, the product was injected into the healthy male urethra, and a urethritis produced. Space does not allow us to reproduce an account of his experiments. Dr. Bockhait believes that the disease is more common than we suspect; that it is of self -limited duration, eight to ten days, being therefore Levitra Prescription Assistance shorter than the Levitra Prescription Assistance specific urethritis ; that its secretion is rather muco-purulent than purulent, and never of the thick, creamy, or green- ish-yellow purulent nature of true gonorrhoea ; that it is accompanied by relatively fewer inflammatory symptoms than the latter ; but may cause an epididymitis. The reason why it is not more frequently met with is that the bacteria require for their growth a neutral or slightly alkaline Levitra Prescription Assistance soil, while, for the most part, the reaction of the vaginal secre- tions is acid. Under the influence of cervical catarrh, the menstrual flow, and some other conditions, the bacteria entering the vagina from without may grow, and, during coitus, may gain access to the male ure- thra, and thus the woman may become " the innocent cause of the war." Eheumatic Urethritis is what M. P. Riel (" Lyon med., " March 14, 21, 1886) names a form of urethritis occurring in the course of rheu- matism, accompanied by a discharge of purulent fluid Levitra Prescription Assistance and other symp- toms common to gonorrhoea, but differing from it in the complete aVj- sence of gonococci. M. Riel depends upon the gonococcus for his diag- nosis of specific urethritis. He reports two cases of this form of ure- thritis, but hesitates to ascribe them solely to the rheumatism, and assumes that there must be certain, as yet undiscovered, organisms in the secretion to render it purulent. The Treatment of Syphilis. — We are surprised to learn from Dr. James Wilson Levitra Prescription Assistance (" Lancet," March 27, April 3, 1886) that but indifferent success attends the treatment of syphilis in England. The doctor ascribes this to the bad methods of English surgeons in using mercury, iodide of potassium, and other good drugs. He holds Levitra Prescription Assistance that to adminis- ter mercury by the mouth is the worst way of giving it, and that the inunction plan is the best. For its best effect the skin of the part about to be anointed Levitra Prescription Assistance should be prepared by washing thoroughly with soap Levitra Prescription Assistance and water; or a general bath be taken at a temperature of 95° or 96°, which is preferable. An experienced rubber should be employed, and he will receive no had Levitra Prescription Assistance consequences from the mercury if, previous to rubbing, he smears his hands with soap or lard. On successive days different parts of the body should be rublied, and the sequence should be : First day, both legs ; second day, both thighs ; third day, abdomen and breast ; fourth day, the back ; fifth day, both arms ; sixth day, both legs again. On each day from twenty to thirty grains of mercurial ointment are to be rubbed in on Levitra Prescription Assistance each side of the body, the inunction lieing preceded by a warm bath, and followed by an hour's rest. The rubbing should be Levitra Prescription Assistance continued from fifteen to twenty minutes. FolUcular inflammation may be avoided by shaving the part about to be treated. [Our preference is for the bends of Levitra Prescription Assistance both elbows, the sides of the thorax and abdomen, the inner sides of both thighs, and the bends of both knees, as sites for inunction, as thus hairy parts are avoided. The skin of these parts being thin, the mercury is readily absorbed.] The whole palm should be used in rubbing, gloves avoided, and considerable press- ure employed. The diet and hygiene of the patient should be of the best. Salmon, eels, mackerel, Finnan haddock, salt fish, cheese, salads, and raw fruit are to be abstained from. One or two large glasses of milk should be daily drank. The mouth should be frequently rinsed with the follow- ing : B Acetate of lead, 3 iv ; powdered alum, 3 vss. Levitra Prescription Assistance ; distilled water, 3 xvj ; aromatic water, § viij. Dissolve the lead and alum-salts sepa- rately in the water, then mix and stir well together ; either filter or allow to settle, then decant and add aromatic water. The author advocates putting the patient upon the use of inunctions as soon as an induration is made out. When inunctions are begun, they should be continued without a break. He lias noticed that Levitra Prescription Assistance during the inunction treatment the patients are often unable to sleep at night. One of the first indications of the good effect of the mercury Levitra Prescription Assistance is an increase in liody-weight, and, when the normal weight of the body is reached, or when the weight becomes stationary, there is no use in keeping up the inunctions for Levitra Prescription Assistance more than eight or ten times longer. After a course of inunctions, the potassium iodide should be given in small doses and Levitra Prescription Assistance for some time, to continue the good effect of the mercury. After a course of inunctions — say, eighty to one hundred — it is rare to have relapses, at least for a long time, or even for life. Brief mention is made of mercurial l>aths. hypodermic injections of mercury, Zittnianu's decoction, and the ]iotassiuiii iodide. Syphilitic Infection of the Mother through the Foetus. — The theory that the mother may be infected by a ftetus diseased through the semen of its father is regarded by Dr. C. Schadeck (" St. Petersh. med. Woch.," July 10, 1886.J MISCELLAN y. 55 1S86, Nos. 16, 17) as merely an hypothesis founded upon conjectures and not upon convincing facts. A study of the published cases of this supposeii mode of infection has shown him no absolute proof of the complete absence of the initial lesion in the mother. The apparent ab- sence of the initial lesion might depend upon its hidden seat, as within the cervical canal, or upon its rapid course without subjective symptoms, as when located upon the collum uteri. He does not accept Hutchin- son's theory of the gradual infection of the mother by the foetus, as he tielieves it to be contrary to cliuical experience in regard to syphilis, in- fection always taking place at once ; and because, thus far, he has met with no convincing case in which any solid elements from the fa^tus passed through the placenta into the maternal circulation. The Treatment Levitra Prescription Assistance of Xanthelasma, Chronic Eczema of the Nostrils, Eczema of the Anus, Psoriasis, and Scahies. — Besnier (" Jour, de med. et de chir.," April, ISStJi has had good results in the treatment of xan-