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Les bactfiries et leur r61e dans I'anatomie et I'histologie pathologiques des maladies infectieuses. Par A.-V. Cornil, Professeur d'anatomie patliologique a la Faculte de raedecine de Paris, et V. Levitra Online Paypal Babes, Professeur extraordinaire d'histologie patbologique a I'universit^ de Budapest. Deuxi^me Edition re- vue et augmentee, contentant les'mfithodes sp6ciales de la bacte- riologie. 348 figures en noir et en couleurs dans le texte, et 4 planches hors texte. Paris: Felix Alcan, 1886. Pp. 839. [Prix, 30 francs.] Ichthyol und Resorcin als Reprasentanten der Gruppe redu- zierender Heilmittel. Von Dr. P. G. Unna. [Dermatologische Studien, Zweites Ueft.] Hamburg und Leipzig: Leopold Voss, 1886. Pp. 85. [Preis, Mark 1.60.] Levitra Online Paypal The Medical Annual ; A Record and Review of the Year's Progress in Medicine, Surgery, and General Science. Pp. 236. And the Practitioner's Index, A Work of Reference for Medical Practitioners. 1886. London : Henry Kimpton. Pi>. 266. The Genuine Works of Hippocrates. Translated from the Greek, with a preliminary Discourse and Annotations. By Francis Adams, LL. D., Surgeon. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. New York: William Wood & Co., 1886. Pp. v-3 to 390. [Wood's Library of Standard Medical Authors.] Insanity and its Treatment: Lectures on the Treatment, Medical and Legal, of Insane Patients. By G. Fielding Bland- ford, M. D., Oxon., etc. Third Edition, together with Types of Insanity. An Illustrated Guide in the Physical Diagnosis of Mental Disease. By Allan McLane Hamilton, M. D., etc. New York: William AVood & Co., 1886. Levitra Online Paypal Pp. ix-379. [Wood's Library of Standard Medical Authors.] Diseases of the Spinal Cord. By Byrom Bramwell, Levitra Online Paypal M. D., F. R. C. P. (Edin.), Lecturer on the Principles and Practice of Medicine, and on Medical Diagnosis, in the Extra-academical School of Medicine, Edinburgh, etc. Fifty-three Colored Plates and One Hundred and Two fine Wood Engravings. Second Edition. New York : William Wood & Co., 1886. Pp. xiv- 298. [Wood's Library of Standard Medical Authors.] Hand-book of Practical Medicine. By Hermann Eichhorst, Professor of Special Levitra Online Paypal Pathology and Therapeutics, and Director of the University Medical Clinic, in Zurich. Vol. I. Diseases of the Circulatory and Respiratory Ajiparatus. One Hundred and Three Wood Engravings. New York : William Wood & Co., 1886. Pp. v-407. [Wood's Library of Standard Medical Levitra Online Paypal Au- thors.] Transactions of the Obstetrical Society of London, Vol. 14 CORRESPONDENCE. [N. Y. Med. Jodb^ XXVII, for the Year 1885. With a List of Officers, Fellows, etc. London: Lonpnians, Green, & Co., 1886. Levitra Online Paypal Pp. lix-35.5. Trabajos Oftalmologicos del Asilo Levitra Online Paypal Santa Lucia. Levitra Online Paypal Resumen Estadistico de los 1,616 Enfermos Asistidos y 198 Operados durante el afio 1885, seguido de un Apendice Estadistico de 1,285 Oataratas y de 795 Ojos Faltos de Vision entre 7,568 Enfermos reconocidos. For D. Santiago de los Albitos, Director proprietario Levitra Online Paypal del Asilo Santa Lucia, etc. Madrid, 1886. Pp.48. Memoir of Austin Flint, M. D., LL. D. By A. Jacobi, M. D., President of the New York Academy of Medicine. [Reju-inted from the " Medical Record."] On the Presence of the Tubercle Bacillus in Old Specimens of Diseased Lung. By Vincent D. Harris, M. D., F. R. C. P. (London). [Reprinted from " St. Bartholomew's Hospital Re- ports."] The Sixty-second Annual Report of the Officers of the Re- treat for Levitra Online Paypal the Insane, at Hartford, Conn., April, 1886. Malaria and its Toxic Infiuenees. Malarial Hrematuria. By W. O'Daniel, A. M., M. D., Billiards, Ga. [Reprinted from the " Transactions of the Medical Association of Georgia."] De quelques innovations et anii^liorations baln^aires a intro- duire a Cauterets. Par le docteur Dutrouscau. [Extrait de la •' Revue m6dicale et scientifique d'hydrologie et de climatologie pyreneennes."] Excerpta from the Biennial Report of the Board of Health of the State of Louisiana to the General Assembly, 1884-1885. The Moral and Industrial Management of the Insane. ByH. E. Allison, M. D., Willard, N. Y. [Reprinted from the "Alien- ist and Neurologist."] Papillom am 5. Luftrohrenknorpel auf laryngoscopischein Wege entfernt. Von Dr. C. Labus aus Mailand, [Separat- Abdruck aus der Monatsschrift fiir Ohrenheilkunde, etc.] Report of the Board of Managers of the Pennsylvania Hos- pital to the Levitra Online Paypal Contributors, at their Annual Meeting, held Fifth Month, 3d, 1886, comprising the Reports of the Department for the Sick and Wounded and of the Departments for the Insane, together with the xVccounts of the Treasurer and Steward. Cornel! University. Proceedings in Memory of Louis Agas- siz and in Honor of Hirara Sibley. Commencement Week, 1885. Apuntes para el Estudio de los Queratomas. Por los Doc- tores D. Alfredo R. Viforcos y D. Leopoldo Lopez Garcia. Con Once Grabados intercalados en el Texto. Madrid: Escuela Tipografica del Hospicio, 1886. Pp. 5 to 84. Official Report of the Memorial Levitra Online Paypal Meeting of the New York County Medical Association in Honor of the late Austin Flint, M. D., LL. D., held at the Carnegie Laboratory, Bellevue Hos- pital Medical College, New York, April 19, 1886. [Reprinted from " Gaillard's Medical Journal."] Correspontrmtf. LETTER FROM WASHINGTON. The Surgeon- Generalship of the Army. — The Bill legalizing iJissections in tlie District of Columhia. — The International Medical Congress. — 7'he Medical Department Levitra Online Paypal of Georgetown University. — The Yelloie- Fever Commission BUI. — The Na- tional Board of Health. — The New Medical Library and Museum.