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side of the argument. Military drill can not, of course, take the place of well- ordered gymnastics, and that seems to be the legitimate infer- ence from Dr. Sargent's remarks. The two should go hand in hand, the endeavor being to so manage each as to secure the most good and the least harm it can do. Badly as gymnas- tics is taught and practiced for Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal the most part, we are quite ready to concede that it is nearer what it ought to be than the military drill is ; but this seems to be because the instructors in gymnastics have constantly in mind the legitimate object of Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal the exercises, whereas -it seems seldom to enter the head of a drill-master that he ought to seek to Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal accomplish much else than what is likely to conduce to creditable precision on parade. In other words, gymnastics, in competent Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal hands, is not apt to be perverted to other objects than the direct benefit of those subjected to it, while military drill has only the incidental and subordinate purpose of improving the physique. That the manual Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal of arms is capable, however, of being made highly conducive to the development of vigor, symmetry, and a nor- mally adjusted action of the various parts of the body, admits of no question. While we should he glad to see a compre- liensive and well-ordered system of gymnastics carried out in all our schools, we must recognize that such a state of things, although reasonably sure to come in the course of time, is not likely to come soon; it will be well, therefore, not to reject the military drill in the mean time, but rather to seek so to modify it as to make it a still better substitute than it is at present for a complete gymnastic course. On another occasion we hope to speak more at length of Dr. Hartwell's exceedingly valuable essay. A PARADISE FOR DOCTORS. De. Moeell Mackenzie, the well-known London laryngolo- gist, discusses the question "Is Medicine a Progressive Sci- ence?" in a recent number of the " Fortnightly Review." The article is lively and engaging, and it is pleasant to see how hopeful the author is as to the destined achievements of medi- cine, although he takes pains to disavow any share in Professor Huxley's expectation that sooner or later a remedy for nearly all forms of disease will be found in drugs. Indeed, it is not so much medicine in its narrow sense of which he is hopeful as it is surgery and hygiene, the former of which has already re- claimed and put under cultivation much of the waste land of medicine, while the latter is advancing in the performance of a task the final accomplishment of which must lead to the anni- hilation of its parent, medicine, which, having no more worlds to conquer, will have to sheath its sword. But this millennial state of things is not yet close upon us; pending its dawn, the one thing needed to hasteii the advance of medicine itself is the separation of scientific research from the fetters of the fight for bread. For the incompatibility between research and practice Dr. Mackenze can see no remedy, unless a way can be found of freeing the physician from his dependence on patients without lessening the salutary stimulus to exertion. The problem might be solved, he suggests, if the State were to undertake the medi- cal guardianship of its subjects, doctors being Government offi- cials paid out of the public treasury on a scale strictly commen- surate with their activity and success. The sick, he thinks, would be just as well Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal cared for as at present, and their attend- ants would have a position of greater freedom and at the same time of greater dignity. It might be enacted, he goes on to say, that a careful and complete autopsy of all dead bodies, without distinction, should be made by thoroughly qualified otficers ex- pressly appointed for the purpose, and full records of such ex- aminations kept, to be issued to members of the profession at short intervals. This, together with experimentation on con- demned criminals, would, he has little doubt, " make medicine advance more in a few years than it has done since the days 16 MINOR PARAGRAPHS. [N. Y. Mri>. Johe., when it was the custom for those who had recovered from any illness to hang a record of the means of cure in the temple of ^Esculapins, for the benefit Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal of fellow-sufferers." In all this we can not take the distinguished author axi serieux, but must suppose that he has given free rein to his Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal fancy, either for his own diversion or to amuse Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal his readers; for such a Utopian state of things as he pictures would not accom- plish the object in view, to say nothing of the fact that it would involve the utter subversion of the rights of the indi- vidual subject. C^est beau, inais ce Ti'eat pas la guerre! MINOR Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal PARAGRAPHS. THE LONDON HOSPITAL SUNDAY FUND. The ■' Lancet," the editor of which has taken a prominent and most creditable part in furthering the good work of secur- ing voluntary contributions to the resources of the London ho.s- pitals, publishes in its issue for July 19th its first special supple- ment in support of the enterprise, devoting to it no fewer than twelve pages. It is difficult to estimate the effect that this may have on the artisan class, to which it is essentially addressed, but Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal there is no difficulty in discerning the "Lancet's" hearty devotion to the cause or its readiness to use its resources to promote it. Its appeal is simply incontrovertible, and the argu- ments employed have quite as much force in New York as in London, for in both cities the hospitals are on much the same financial basis, and, if anything, their aid is even more freely dispensed here than in most other places. NURSES AND THE HYPODERMIC SYRINGE. Under the heading of " High Nursing and Hypodermic In- jections," the " Lancet" protests, and in our opinion very prop- erly, against the practice of intrusting hypodermic medication to nurses, however Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal well trained they may be. There Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal is reason to fear that this ready method of drugging is practiced alto- gether too much, and its relegation to nurses, even under in- structions, is undoubtedly calculated to encourage laymen in resorting to it themselves. The hypodermic syringe figures too often in the Levitra Online Kaufen Paypal armamentarium of the morphine habiUie, and it seems to be the duty of the profession to refrain from any measure, however indirect, that may tend still further to popu- larize it.