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tating properties of carbolic acid. Chloride of Methyl in the Treatment of Neuralgia and other Painful Affections. — Tenneson (" Rev. des sciences medicales," Jan., 1886) has used the methyl spray in a large number of cases with marked success. Among the reported cures are those of ten cases of sciatica and sixteen of rheumatism, while in several instances the pain Levitra Generico En Mexico of pleurisy, pneumonia, and pulmonary phthisis was relieved. In or- der to avoid local irritation, he directs that the spray shall not be ap- plied to one spot for more than five or six seconds. Ethoxycaffeine. — The "Union pharm." for April, 1886, describes this new substitution-derivative of caffeine. It is isolated in the form of crystalline needles, which are insoluble in water, but slightly soluble in alcohol and in ether. It not only acts as a nervous sedative, but possesses marked narcotic properties. In doses of four grains, Levitra Generico En Mexico it re- lieves migraine and facial neuralgia, while eight grains have a hypnotic effect. When administered together with hydrochlorate of cocaine, it is less hkely to irritate the stomach. Theine as a Local Anaesthetic. — Castle ("Cincinnati Lancet and CUnic," February 6, 1886), following the directions of M. Mays, has em- ployed hypodermic injections of theine for the relief of neuralgia with marked success. Partial anesthesia of the cornea and conjunctiva fol- lows its instillation into Levitra Generico En Mexico the eye. Dr. Castle injects hypodermically from Levitra Generico En Mexico a sixth to a quarter of a grain of the drug in the neighborhood of the painful spot. The skin at the point of puncture becomes some- what congested and loses its sensibility. Subsequently there is slight mental excitement, which may persist for several hours. A Lotion for Alopecia Areata. — The late Dr. Tilbury Fox is credit- ited by the " Union incdicale " w ith the following formula : Tincture of nux vomica 4 drachms ; Tincture of cantharidis, (^ . ,,, „ Glycerin, ) Acetic acid 4 " Rose water 6 ounces. Santonate of Atropine. — Bombelou (" Pharm. Zeitung," April ; " Pharm. Journal," May, 1886) recommends highly this new mydriatic, which is said to be absolutely non-irritating, its action resembling that of homatropine, one drop of a l-ta-2,000 solution causing dilatation of the pupil, which persists for nearly twenty-fom- hours. A Liniment for Neuralgia. — Gu6neau de JIussy (Ibid., June 19. 1886) recommends this lotion: Essence of mint f> drachms ; Tincture of aconite 2-J " Chloroform 1 J " Shake thoroughly, and apply Levitra Generico En Mexico to the painfid spot on a piece of flannel. A Disinfecting Powder. — Sigmund (Ihhl., June 12, 1886) suggests the following ; Beech-tar or oil of cade ."> to 8 drachms ; Powdered sulphate of lime 7 ounces. Mix thoroughly, dry, and pulverize. Recommended as a suitable dressing for sloughing woimds and syphilitic ulcers. THE JSTEW YORK MEDICAL J0UR:N^AL, July 17, 1886. (fi^riginal Communuattons. MODEKN ADULTERATIONS Levitra Generico En Mexico IN FOODS, AND THEIR Levitra Generico En Mexico RELATIONS TO DISEASE.* . By E. H. BARTLEY, M. D., PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY AND TOXICOLOGY IN THE LONG ISLAND COLLEGE HOSPITAL, AND CHIEF CHEXIST OF THE BROOKLYN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH. The time was when God sent meat and the devil sent cooks; but I am constrained to believe that his Satanic majesty is no longer satisfied with the damage to be done by bad cooking, and has started a market. The seeds of much mischief Levitra Generico En Mexico to our bodily health are undoubtedly contained Levitra Generico En Mexico in modern foods. Adulterations in food products are very common in these days, some of which are harmless and allowable, while some are positively dangerous. Until within a very few years there was so much sensationalism and unscientific statement about these matters that one could not afiord to believe half that Levitra Generico En Mexico was told. Within the last ten, or even five, years a great change has taken place. Instead of leaving such inves- tigations to the secular press, scientific men have been called to take up the work of investigation, and place our knowledge upon a scientific basis. Chemists have been liberally paid to devise new adulterations, and chemists have been employed to follow their track to correct the results. The whole realm of the science has been ransacked for means of cheapening and substituting foods on the one hand, and the skill of the analyst has been applied, on the other, to their detection and prevention when necessary. This condition of affairs must continue as long as com- petition is a prominent element in trade. The popular sen- timent, too, is undergoing a marked change in regard to substitutes for old forms of foods. It is, with a great many intelligent persons, no longer regarded as a crime to sell lard as butter, stained and polished coffee for what it is not, corn flour for wheat flour, water for milk, or goat meat for mutton. These are regarded as merely tricks Levitra Generico En Mexico of trade. The word adulteration is too harsh a term to their ears, and they prefer to call them substitutes. As physicians, we are only concerned with injurious adul- terations. Of the great variety of adulterants in use, but a small number are to be regarded as injurious, most of them being only fraudulent. We do not, of course, advocate the practice of fraud Levitra Generico En Mexico in a matter so vital as our daily bread ; but we must leave that part of the subject to the boards of trade and the general public. Levitra Generico En Mexico But, when these adultera- tions can be shown to have an injurious effect upon the health of any who are likely to partake of them, we are bound to speak with no uncertain sound. Nor should we be content to .leave this to the health officials entirely, but it should be a part of the duty of every physician to impart to these authorities any information that will assist them in detecting and prosecuting deleterious frauds of this kind. In considering the subject of injurious adulterations, we shoul(J be governed by the following rules : * Read before the Brooklyn Pathological Society, January 28, 1886.