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out the fact of the liability of tubercle, warty growths, or a simple indolent sore to be gradually transformed into cancer, and lays down the rule that "/or all chronic ulcers which have existed for some time, especially for those having indurated lases, and which occur on the border of the tongue, for all indolent sores which form ill the area of Levitra Generico Andorra leucoma, for all warty growths which de- velop on the dorsum of the tongue in the midst of similar dis- eased areas, the rule of treatment must he imperative. Every source of irritation must he sought for and removed, and the diseased tissue must he eradicated if it does not speedily improve under treatment.^'' The operative treatment of cancer of the tongue is well considered, and the details of the management of the stump, on which depends the success of the operation, are carefully laid down. Twenty-four excellent colored litho- graphs, illustrating the diseased condition of the organ, have been added, which much increase the value of the book. Mr. Butlin has written a work of great merit, and the book is a valuable addition to surgical literature. Cancer. A Study of Three Levitra Generico Andorra Hundred and Ninety-seven Oases of Cancer of the Female Breast, with Clinical Observations. By WiLLARD Parker, M. D. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, 188.5. Pp. Gl. Why this great surgeon, eminent as a teacher no less than as an operator, and remarkable for acuteness of observation and clearness of expression, left no memorials in the shape of volumes relating to his experience and observation upon surgical subjects has never been quite explained. Perhaps the busy portion of his life, extending Levitra Generico Andorra as it did over more than half a century, was un- favorable to the calm habits of thought and investigation which are so necessary for a writer of books ; and yet there must have been another reason, for, without multiplying examples, an equal- ly busy confrkre and contemporary. Gross, has left a systematic work on surgery which is Levitra Generico Andorra a monument of accuracy and compre- hensiveness. This publication upon cancer is a Levitra Generico Andorra modest work — only sixty- one pages in length, with a statistical table added Levitra Generico Andorra which is as concise and as useful as anything upon the subject which was ever published. Dr. Parker was a clinician, purely and simply, and, while he did not fail to appreciate the great value of minute investigation upon the subject of cancer, he realized, as all men of large experience must, that important generalizations and practical deductions in regard to cancer must be made by the study of the disease in and upon the individual. With some of Levitra Generico Andorra the author's deductions we can not entirely agree; for exam- ple, be says that cancer is most prevalent among people who live generously, especially among those who eat an abundance of animal food; he cites its absence, or comparative absence, among savage and semi-civilized tribes and nations, the North American Indians, for example, and its frequency among oth- ers, such as the Chinese. In regard to the first of these state- ments, certainly it is within the experience of many surgeons that the poor, the under-fed, and the hard-working among their patients — hospital patients usually — suffer far more from this disease than those who are well-to-do. North American Indi- ans are notoriously meat-eaters, if we may be allowed to differ with the author, and the Chinese are not; and yet, according to his statement, the former do not suffer from cancer, while the latter do. We are willing, however, to admit that errors of diet may form an important factor in the causation of the dis- ease, and that careful dietetic regulation has an important bear- ing in its preventive and curative treatment. The author's ex- perience led him to think that the question of heredity as an Levitra Generico Andorra element of causation was not so important as had been sup- posed ; in fact, that it might "be ruled out almost wholly." 78 BOOK NOTICES. [N. Y. Med. Jodr.^ Notwithstanding this, it is very evident, from a study of the table, that the predisposition of some individuals — and we might Levitra Generico Andorra enlai'ge the statement by adding, of some temperaments, of some races, in certain Levitra Generico Andorra areas of territory and climate — is very de- cided toward the development of cancer, while in other Indi- vid iiiJs the system shows great resisting power. Thus Levitra Generico Andorra recur- rence quickly Levitra Generico Andorra followed many of the operations which are record- ed in the table, the disease becoming diffused — as if stimulated by the effect of the operation — while in others extirpation was followed by quiescence for ten, twenty, or even thirty years. Finally,'the propriety of early removal of the disease as thor- oughly as possible is not to be discussed, because it Levitra Generico Andorra is accepted as an axiom. Subsequently, the main thing will be to alter the patient's constitution as far as possible by appropriate treatment. Brief as this brochure is, it opens an enormous field for dis- cussion, which, of course, is not to be entered upon at this time. For those who are interested in the study of cancer, the table of statistics will give most valuable information, and many will Levitra Generico Andorra desire the book as a record of the useful work of a great sur- geon. Die alte und die neue Medizin, von Dr. Mariano Semmola, Pro- fessor der experimentellen Therapie a. d. Universitiit v. Neapel, etc. Uebersetzt von Professor Dr. Vincenz Levitra Generico Andorra Meter. Napoli : R. Stab. Tipografico Comm. Francisco Giaconini & Figli, 1885. Pp. 187. The first edition of this admirable Levitra Generico Andorra collection of lectures ap- peared Levitra Generico Andorra some eight years since. The present translation is from the third edition, which has been carefully revised by the author. The object of the lectures, which are conceived in a scientific spirit highly creditable to the author, is to Levitra Generico Andorra enter a protest against the exaggerated importance ascribed to purely pathological studies by the modern school of Germany. At the same time, the enormous importance of the experimental method, as applied to clinical study, is set forth in a masterly mariner. While acknowledging the collateral benefits to be derived from pathological anatomy, the author has shown in a graphic manner the colossal evils which have grown out of the pedantic interpretation of cliuical phenomena in the light of this laboratory science. The book is highly philosophical, and will be read with interest by those enlightened practitioners ■who are capable of seeing beyond Levitra Generico Andorra the bounds of mere medical fashion. Lehrhucli der Physiologie fiir akademische Vorlesungen und Selbstudium. Begrilndet von Run. Wagner, fortgefuhrt von Otto Funke, neu heransgegeben von Dr. A. Geuen- HAGEN, Professor der medizin. Physik an der Universitat zu Konigsberg i/Pr. Siebente, neu bearbeitete Aufiage. Mit etwa Zweihundertundfunfzig in den Text eingedruckten Holzschnitten. Secliste Lieferung. Hamburg u. Leipzig: Leopold Voss, 1885. Pp. 113 to 272, inclusive. The same, siebente Lieferung. Pp. 273 to 432, inclusive.