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Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes in Edinburgh. — The " Lancet's " Edin- burgh Levitra Generico Acquisto correspondent, writing under date of June 29th, says : " Dr. Holmes's visit to Edinburgh has partaken largely of the nature of an academic triumph, Levitra Generico Acquisto and not only has he been most warmly welcomed by all connected with the University, but his presence in the city has excited great interest among the very many who, as members of the reading community, have come in contact with his writings. On Friday after- noon the honorary degree of LL. D. was conferred upon him in the Upper Library Hall of the University by the Chancellor, Lord Inglis. The hall was crowded for the occasion, there being a large number of ladies present in reserved seats and in the galleries, while the body of the hall was occupied by visitors and a considerable number of stu- dents. On entering the hall. Dr. Holmes was greeted with enthusiastic cheering, which was from time to time renewed as the ceremony pro- ceeded. Professor Kirkpatrick, Dean of the Faculty of Law, delivered a short address of the customary nature, in presenting Dr. Holmes to the Chancellor for promotion to the degree. He shortly referred to the leading events in Dr. Holmes's career, and enumerated the names of some of his best-known writings. After Lord Inglis had completed the ceremony of ' capping ' the Autocrat, the latter signed the roll-book of honorary graduates of the Levitra Generico Acquisto University, and then, in response to ur- gent cries of ' speech,' he addressed a few words to the students, thank- ing them for the warm reception they had accorded him, and ex- pressing the gratification he had experienced in enacting his part in that day's ceremony. The meeting terminated amid renewed cheers for Dr. Holmes and the singing of ' For he's a jolly good fellow.' On Saturday evening the students held a concert in honor of Dr. Holmes, at which he was present. Professor Crum Brown occupied the chair, and the Queen Street Hall, which was taken for the occasion, was crowded with an interested audience of students and their friends. After the first part of the Levitra Generico Acquisto programme had been concluded. Dr. Holmes was presented with an address from the students welcoming his visit to Edinburgh, and expressing their earnest appreciation of Levitra Generico Acquisto the value of his writings. In replying. Dr. Holmes sketched an interesting outline of his own career, and in particular he dwelt upon the relation which existed between tlie literary and professional portions of his life-work. In this connection he gave important advice to young men Levitra Generico Acquisto who have a passion for literary labors. Literature, he said, was a good staff for walking with, but not a good one to lean upon. He had early received an important piece of advice from the lips of Coleridge, that every literary man should have as well some fixed and regular occupation ; this ad- vice he handed on to any one who might feel tempted to exchange steady preparation for a practical career for the uncertain Levitra Generico Acquisto pathway of a literary life. In concluding his remarks. Dr. Holmes thanked the students for the brilliant reception Levitra Generico Acquisto they had given him, the memory of which would be a lasting and inspiring pleasure to him for the re- mainder of his life." " Referee " and " Co-referee." Levitra Generico Acquisto — A correspondent wishes to learn the Levitra Generico Acquisto meaning of these terms as used in the programme for the recent meeting of the Association of American Physicians. We do not know„ but we presume that whoever coined them intended to make equivalents of the German Referent and Co-Referent, Levitra Generico Acquisto meaning a reporter and an associate reporter. The New York State Uedical Association. — The Fifth District Branch will hold its second annual meeting in Brooklyn Levitra Generico Acquisto on the 12th of October. The secretary. Dr. E. H. Squibb, P. Levitra Generico Acquisto 0. box 94, Brooklyn, de- sires early notification of the title of any papers to be offered. The Health of Michigan. — According to returns made to the State Board of Health for the month of June, diphtheria was reported from forty-seven places, scarlet fever from forty -eight, typhoid fever from six, measles fcom sixteen, and small-pox from three. Sir James Paget, we learn from the " British Medical Journal," has been elected a foreign associate of Paris Academie de medecine. THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. The " Siffasion Electrode " in the Treatment of Neuralgia. — Dr- Albert Adamkiewicz ("Neurol. Ctrlbl.," 1886, 10; " BresUuier iirztl. Ztschr.," June 26, 1886) has sought to heighten the anodyne effect of the anodal galvanic current by the use of Levitra Generico Acquisto medicinal liquids contained in a hollowed electrode (Diffmionseledrode) connected with the positive pole. It is stated that when the current is passed the liquid penetrates the skin by cataphoresis. When chloroform is Levitra Generico Acquisto used in this way, local ansesthesia is rapidly induced. Cacur. — Atkinson ("Edinburgh Med. J6urnal," July, 1886) de- scribes this as a small Levitra Generico Acquisto apple, the fruit of the CucumU mi/riocarpus, used as an emetic by the Kaffirs of South Africa. The juice and pulp of a single fruit are sufficient to produce emesis in a child. Twenty grains of the pulp cause nausea in an adult within half an ho\n- after their administration. In smaller doses it acts as a cholagogue purga- tive. Menthol in Urticaria and Pruritus. — Menthol, in solutions contain- ing from two to ten grains to the ounce of water, is recommended by the " Pharmaceutical Journal " for May 16, 1886 (" Edinb. Med. Jour.,'* July, 1886), as a valuable application in cases of pruritus, with or without eruption. When applied to the affected spot, this solution affords almost immediate relief from the itching or burning. Levitra Generico Acquisto A Compound Tincture of Capsicum for Local Use. — Poulet ( " Bull, g^n. de therap.," Levitra Generico Acquisto 1886, No. 3) recommends the following preparation as absolutely free from irritating properties ; 9 Tincture of capsicum 200 parts ; Ammonia water 100 " Essence of thyme, ( ^^^^ jq ., Chloral hydrate, ) Alcohol (60 per cent.) 1,000 " This combiuation is highly recommended as a local application in rheu- matism and neuralgia. Iodoform in the Treatment of Aphthous Inflammation of the Vulva is highly recommended by Saraziu (" Union meil.," June 29, 1886). The affected parts are covered, without previous cleansing, with a thick layer of powdered iodoform, and charpie is inserted between the labia majora. The dressing is to be renewed every day. THE N'EW YORK MEDICAL JOURJ^AL, July 24, 1886. £tlitres antr ^irbrcssts. LECTURES ON^ THE DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF DISEASES OF THE CHEST. DELIVERED BEFORE Levitra Generico Acquisto THE ASCLEPION CLUB, Bt benjamin F. WESTBROOK, M. D., Brooklyn, PHT8ICLiN-lN-CHIEF TO THE DEPARTMENT OP THORACIC DISEASES, ST. MAKT'S HOSPITAL ; PRESIDENT OF THE BROOKLYN PATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY ;