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had such decided pupillary dilatation as to make his sight de- fective. Another patient took, by mistake, a suppository of four grains of belladonna and did not have the slightest discomfort. He usually gave one grain of belladonna and one quarter of a grain of ojiium in one rectal sup])Ository. Dr. Charles Mitchell, of Philadelphia, made Levitra Generic Usa these gelatin prepara- tions for him to his entire satisfaction. At best, all treatment for the enlarged ])rostate had not been satisfactory, and, as a large majority of old men suffered from the malady, it would be desirable to establish a more rational method of cure. For the last five years he had thought of applying galvano-cautery directly to the hypertrophied prostate. After Levitra Generic Usa many trials and hard work he had at last succeeded in constructing the instru- ment, and had used it for some months with success. His in- .strument consisted of a smooth metal catheter, with a fenes- tra at the end of the curve, in which was placed a platinum wire. In the interior of the instrument was the mechanism for heating, which was done by a galvano-cautery battery. It might be done by a storage battery or even by a dynamo-machine, but the cautery must be under the absolute control of the operator. Tbe other end of the instrument was straight and formed the handle ; from this end emerged two wires, the heat conduct- ors, which were connected by binding screws to conducting wires, which respectively went to the positive and negative poles of the battery. The current-breaker was attached to one pole at tbe handle. The instrument was introduced in the urethra, so that the fenestra was held against the enlarged prostate, which was then cauterized in an instant by the gal- vano-cautery. Levitra Generic Usa The instrument was light and in size equal to No. 18 French scale. The instrument and the battery must be regulated to a fixed potential for the work to be done, and so adjusted that failure was impossible. These applications were repeated at short intervals, until a cure Levitra Generic Usa was effected by shrinkage of the tissues. The galvano-cautery must be Levitra Generic Usa applied Hghtly, tbe flash of heat being instantaneous, or at most not lasting longer than a few seconds. As Levitra Generic Usa the same quantity of electricity under Levitra Generic Usa the same circumstances would always do the same work, it was essential to measure the electricity, Levitra Generic Usa and thereby make failure impossible. The advantages of this method were: the opera- tion caused no pain or hasmorrhage, and patients were not detained from their business on account of the operation itself. The same instrument had been used for the treatment of hypertrophied tonsils. Dr. Newman had used it also with success in other diseases — such as spermatorrhoea, impotence, and diseases of the bladder and urethra. If nothing else relieved the patient, it was best, as Dr. Rockwell had men- tioned, to perform perineal section and make Levitra Generic Usa a digital ex- ploration, in which case he would combine Levitra Generic Usa galvano-cautery to the prostate. Professor Levitra Generic Usa Bottini, of Italy, had reported two cases in which he had used the galvano-cautery 2>er ure- thrani with a different instrument. He had burned through the prostate for forty-five seconds, which was a severe opera- tion. Dr. Newman replied, in answer to a question by Dr. Eccles, that of course the battery must be gauged Levitra Generic Usa before each applica- tion, and that he did so. The time would come when tbe amount and intensity of electricity would be exactly known before each application. He knew that the wire would not get so hot in the Levitra Generic Usa urethra within a given time as in the air. In reply to Dr. Rockwell's query as to the quantities of the ingredients of the suppository, he said that each one contained two grains and a Levitra Generic Usa half of iodide of potassium, one grain of extract of hyoscyamus, and one grain of extract of nux vomica, and, if necessary, one grain of extract of colocynth. lltports on tbt |)rogrc5S of P^etritmc. SKIN AND VENEREAL DISEASES. Bt GEORGE THOMAS JACKSON, M. D. Medicated Pencils. — This title covers what are called by their inventor, Dr. Unua (" Monatsh. f. prakt. Dermatol.," Levitra Generic Usa April, 1886), 54 REPORTS ON THE PROGRESS OF MEDICINE. [N. Y. Med. Joik., "Salben- und Pastenstifte," by which is meant ointments and pastes made up in a form similar to our long-linown points of nitrate of silver. They are alleged to be more economical and more elegant to use Levitra Generic Usa than ointments, and to permit of the ready and exact application of Levitra Generic Usa the medicament to the desired Levitra Generic Usa place. The ointment-pencils are specially designed for application to the sound skin, or to the skin whose cor- neous layer is intact and dry, as in psoriasis, dry eczema, parasitic affections, and the like. The paste-pencils are Levitra Generic Usa to be used in circum- scribed dermatoses in which the corneous layer is deficient, as in moist eczema and the initial lesion of syphilis ; or where it is intact, but thin and devoid of fat, as in condylomata. They may also be used on mu- cous membranes. But they are of special use in ulcerative processes. The consistence of the " Salbenstifte" should be much softer than that of the " Pastenstifte." It is recommended that the former should be about as large as a large lead-pencil and about as long as the finger, while the latter should be of about the form and size of the nitrate-of silver point. The pencils should be put up in tin-foil, e-xcepting those of silver nitrate, which should be coated with collodion. The pencils are variously compounded, and a long list of formulae is given. The basis of the " Salbenstifte " is a mixture of wax, olive- oil, and soft soap ; that of the " Pastenstifte " is a mixture of starch, sugar, gum arable, and gum tragacanth. It is useful sometimes to cover the applied ointment with a layer of liquor gutta-perchse or col- lodion. Bromide of Arsenic is one of the comparatively untried remedies for diseases of the skin. Dr. W. T. Corbett (" lledical Record," April 17, 18S6) recommends it as useful in acne, specially that of reflex ori- gin, as from undue irritation of the reproductive organs in neurasthenic persons ; and in pruritus hiemalis. In both cases he makes use of the following : g Arsenic bromide (Merck's), one grain Levitra Generic Usa ; alcohol, two drachms. Dissolve and add simple elixir, eight ounces. Of this he gives a teaspoonful in water after meals, the dose being gradually in- creased. In either disease external treatment is made use of while the arsenic is administered. Lanolin. — The latest addition to our list of excipients in dermato- logical practice is lanolin. M. Boymond (" Bull. gen. de th^rap.," Feb. 15, 1886) tells us that this is not so new as we thought, as in tbe works of Ovid, Herodotus, Pliny, and Aristophanes mention is made of a fat de- rived from sheep's wool. Under the name of cesi/pum it figured in the Florentine Pharmacoposia of 1660, and in that of Cologne of 1627. In the preparation of lanolin, the sheep's wool — that from the Australian