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Fifth Annual Report of the State Board of Health of New York. A Study of Diaphragmatic Pleurisy. By Frank Donaldson, Jr., M. D., Baltimore. [Reprinted from the Levitra Generic Online "American Journal of the Medical Sciences."] The Pneumatic Cabinet and Pneumatic Differentiation. By Frank Donaldson, Jr., M. D., Baltimore. [Reprinted from the "Maryland Medical Journal."] Levitra Generic Online Hard Chancre of the Tonsil. By Frank Donaldson, Jr., M. D., Baltimore. [Reprinted from the "Medical News."] Clinical Observations on Reflex Genital Neuroses in the Fe- male. By Paul F. Mund6, M. D., etc. [Reprinted from the " Journal of Levitra Generic Online Nervous and Mental Disease."] On the Limitation of the Contagious Levitra Generic Online Stage of Syphilis, espe- cially in its Relation to Marriage (read before the New York State Medical Society). By F. N. Otis, Levitra Generic Online M. D., etc. [Reprinted from the "Journal of Cutaneous and Venereal Diseases.] Report to Trustees of the Gesto Hospital, Isle of Skye, by R. M'Neill, M.D. Ed. How to care for the Insane. A Manual for Attendants in Insane Asylums. By William D. Granger, M. D., First Assist- ant Physician, Buffalo Levitra Generic Online _State Asylum for the Insane, Buffalo, N. Y. New Y'ork and London : G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1886. Pp. ix-1 to 96. On Dermatitis Feros. By J. L. Milton, Senior Surgeon to St. John's Hospital for Diseases of the Skin. [Reprinted from the "Edinburgh Medical Journal."] Twenty-sixth Annual Report of the Medical Superintendent of the Levitra Generic Online State Asylum for Insane Criminals, Auburn, N. Y. For the Year ending September 30, 1885. Report of a Case of Insanity following Gunshot Injury to the Head ; Cerebral Cyst ; Aspiration ; Recovery. By Carlos F. MacDonald, M. D., etc. [Reprinted from the " American Journal Levitra Generic Online of the Medical Sciences."] Ethics of Female Sterihty. By A. Reeves Jackson, A. M., M. D., etc. [Reprinted from the "Physician's Magazine."] Remarks on Lateral Curvature, with Special Reference to its Occurrence in Children. By Samuel Levitra Generic Online Ketch, M. D., etc. Read before the Orthopfedie Section of the Academy of Medicine, January 29, 1886. [Reprinted from the " Medical Record."] Die akute Nenrasthenie, die plotzliche Erschopfung der nervosen Energie. Ein arztliches Kulturbild, von Dr. Med. Averbeck, dirig. Arzt u. Besitzer von lleilanstalt und Bad, Laubboch a. Rh. [Separat-Abdruck aus " Deutsche Medizinal- Zeitung."] Seventeenth Annual Report and By-laws of the New York Physicians' Mutual Aid Association. 1886. NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL, A Weekly Review Levitra Generic Online xif Medicine. Edited by Frank P. Foster, M. D. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JULY 17, 1886. MEDICINE AND "THE SOCLiL EVIL." Philanthropists, ecclesiastics, philosophers, statesmen,, economists, and physicians have dealt in turn or in concert with the tangled mass of problems, religious, moral, and physic- al, connected with " the social evil." It is scarcely necessary to add that they have all succeeded only in making confusion worse confounded. It is rather from the general recognition of this unpromising result, we think, than from mere prudery that the subject is commonly avoided. But it ought not to be shunned ; it ought to be most thoroughly discussed, and Levitra Generic Online it should not be thought improper for women as well as men to take part in the discussion. In our opinion, therefore, the So- ciety of Medical .Jurisprudence and State Medicine is to be com- mended for having lately devoted one of its meetings to the consideration of the causes of sexual vice and the measures proper to counteract them. On that occasion Mr. Charles H. Kitchell presented a synopsis of a paper which embodied his thoughts on the subject. Mr. E. H. Benn opened the discussion. Dr. William M. MoLaury followed with a paper, and the debate was continued by Dr. Spitzka, Dr. Brill, Dr. Harwood, Mr. W. H. H. Russell, and others. We have been much interested in the published account of the discussion, and admit that some excellent suggestions were made, but we can not congratulate the speakers on having made any marked advance upon the efforts of their predecessors. Of course, we know nothing of what was said by Dr. Spitzka, Dr. Brill, Dr. Harwood, and Mr. Russell, for their remarks do not appear in the pamphlet that has Levitra Generic Online been sent to us ; but, so far as the other speakers are concerned, at least one defective funda- mental thread seems to have run through their arguments — Levitra Generic Online that of taking it for granted that human beings, men and Levitra Generic Online wom- en alike, have within them Levitra Generic Online an enemy, in the shape of the sexual instinct, so potent that it can not be successfully opposed in the majority of instances by the ordinary moral and religious aids to a life of rectitude, but is only to be kept within bounds by favoring its legitimate gratification. This assumed state of things is not only held to be the chief cause of the failure of enactments against prostitution, but it is also adduced to en- hance the enormity and unnaturalness of the course taken by virtuous women in commonly refusing to condone offenses against purity by individuals of their own sex. We believe that the assumption is wholly unwarranted, and we are equally certain that the corollary which charges women in general with unreasonably throwing obstacles in the way of their erring sisters' reform by declining to. overlook the enor- mity of their offense is correspondingly unjust. Every normal woman — normal physically and morally — knows that the as- 74 MINOR PARAO RAPES. [N. Y. Med. JorK.,