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We have already expressed our praise of this scholarly work, which is now approaching Levitra Discount its conclusion. The present num- bers cover the most Levitra Discount abstruse part of the subject, including gen- eral and special sensation. The seventh number is devoted almost entirely to the eye and Levitra Discount optics, and is rather difficult reading, except for the advanced student. The illustrations, of which there are several, are mostly geometrical figures and cuts of instruments. As usual, the latest authorities have been con- sulted, and Levitra Discount the foot-notes are copious. The histology of the sense-organs is thoroughly worked out, and nothing has been omitted that could throw any light upon this, the most difficult branch of physiology. Dr. Gruenhagen's work has in Levitra Discount no wise deteriorated since the appearance of the first number. His zeal and industry have not flagged ; in fact, Levitra Discount a comparison of the ear- lier and later portions seems to show that his original |>lan has been extended, and his researches led Levitra Discount him to exceed the ori- ginal ihnits which he established. It is -seldom the case that a serial publication like the present possesses the same general evenness as Levitra Discount one which Levitra Discount is complete at the time of its first appear- ance. This may account for the variations in the different num- bers. Certain it is that a disproportionate amount of space has been given to the Levitra Discount nervous system and the organs in relation with it. The author's style does not become involved as his theme grows more abstruse, and in the main he spares his readers those ponderous sentences in which some authors delight. When completed, the " Lehrbuch " will prove a valuable addition to the library of the scientific physician, not only because of its inherent excellence, but by reason of the fact that the foot- notes form an extensive "index medicus." Surgical Handicraft. A Manual of Surgical Manipulations, Levitra Discount Minor Surgery, and Other Matters connected with the Work of House Surgeons and Surgical Dressers. With 208 Illustrations on Wood. By Walter Pte, F. E.G. S., etc. Philadelphia : P. Blakiston, Son, & Co., 1884. Pp. xx-544. Some fault has been found with the title of this book, but the author seems to have expressed very well what he intended — describing the details of surgical work as it appears from Levitra Discount the point of view of house surgeons and dressers in surgical wards. The subject is a comprehensive one, for Levitra Discount the house surgeon in a large hospital Levitra Discount sees a great deal of surgery, and the book deals with a great many Levitra Discount subjects accordingly. Beginning with the treatment of hemorrhage, it deals in succession with Levitra Discount bandages, splints, fractures, ulcers, deformities, emergencies, Levitra Discount anfesthetics, and minor surgery. In a work of this kind the author must find his chief diffi- culty iu deciding what to omit. The subjects cover the whole range of surgery, and hardly any of them can be fully treated. For example, in case of ruptured bladder the treatment is em- braced in passing a catheter and leaving the rest for the attend- ing surgeon. In cases of fistula in ano the simple ones are to be operated upon in the usual way, which is described, while the severer ones are to be let alone by the house surgeon, and are therefore passed over by the author. The book is an ex- ceedingly good guide for those for whom it seems to be in- tended, and it furnishes not only them but the general medical Levitra Discount practitioner with an excellent book of reference for any emer- gency which may arise. Levitra Discount The matter is well chosen, the style is clear and pleasant, the illustrations are many of them new, and the methods of treatment described are fully up to date. It is different in its scope from any book on minor surgery with which we are acquainted, and it compares favorably with them all. It rather tempts the reader to wish Mr. Pye had essayed a more elaborate task. BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS REGEmiD. Minutes of the Thirtieth Annu.al Session of the Kentucky State Medical Society, held at Crab Orchard Springs, June 24, 25, and 26, 1885. Eleven Cases of Phthisis treated by Intra-pulmonary Injec- tions of Oarbolized Iodine. By John Blake Levitra Discount White, M. D. [Re- printed from the " Levitra Discount Medical Record."] Some Renuirkson the Diagnosis and Treatment of Spasmodic Stricture. By John Levitra Discount Blake White, M. D. [Reprinted from the "Journal of Cutaneous and Venereal Diseases."] Papers u|)on Genito-urinary Surgery. By A. T. Cabot, M. D., Surgeon at the Massachusetts General Hospital, etc. I. July 17, 1886.] LEADING ARTICLES. 73 Nephrotomy for Hydronephrosis ; Recovery. II. The Con- strictor UrethrsB Muscle ; Its Relations to Urethral Pathology and Treatment. III. Case of Multiple Calculi of the Bladder. IV. The Application of Antiseptic Principles to Genito-urinary Surgery. Yucca angnstifolia : a Chemical Study. By Helen 0. De S. Abbott. [Reprinted from the " Transactions of the American Philosophical Society."] Preliminary Analysis of the Bark of Fouquieria splendens. By Helen C. De S. Abbott. [Reprinted from the " Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science."] A Few Suggestions for the Preparation of Milk for Infants. By John M. Keating, M. I)., Philadelphia. [Reprinted from the "Medical News."] Enucleation with Transplantation and Reimplantation of Eyes. By Charles H. May, M. D., Instructor in Ophthalmology, New York Polyclinic, etc. [Reprinted from the " Medical Record."] Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Phila- delphia. Part Levitra Discount I. January to March, 1886.