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cough there is a repeated Levitra Discount Card forced expiratory eftbrt against an intermittently closed glottis, but, even without this, Levitra Discount Card we know * "Philadelphia Medical Times," March 4, 1876. f " Philadelphia Medical Times," July 17, 1880. t Hassall, " The Inhalation Treatment of Diseases of the Oigans of Respiration," London, 1885. July 10, 1886.; CROOK: PROPERTIES OF THAPSIA PLASTER. u that tliere is sufficient disturbance of the cerebrum through greatly increased rate of breathing to cause very uncomfort- able sensations in the head, and to produce momentary in- sensibility to pain. In order to explain why one person should experience such disturbances from cough, and another not, is difficult, and we are obliged to resort to the old theory of idiosyn- crasy. The fact Levitra Discount Card that some of the patients had lost con- sciousness before, without cough, allows us to suppose that in case Levitra Discount Card of predisposition to such condition the mode of ex- citation maybe different in different attacks; that the tend- ency to lose consciousness may be acted upon in very dif- ferent Levitra Discount Card ways, just as a patient who is Levitra Discount Card liable to syncope may faint from a variety of causes, e.g., exposure to bad air, loss of blood, or simple emo.ion. Bibliography. Charcot, " Comptes rendus des seances ot memoires de la societe de biologic," 1876, p. 336. G-asquet, "Practitioner," August, 1878. Charcot, " Le Progres medical," 1879, p. ;il7. Krishaber, " Annales des maladies de Toreille et du larynx," 188'2, p. 182. Gray, " American Journal of Neurology and Psychia- try," November, 1882. Lefferts, "Archives of Laryngology," 1883, p. 165. McBride, "Edinburgh Med. Journal," March, 1884. Russell, "Birmingham Levitra Discount Card Med. Review," August, 1884. Massei, "Giornale Interuazionale delle Scienze Mediche," anno vi ; " Internationales Centralblatt fiir Laryngologie und Rhinologie," 1885, p. 21. ON THE PHYSIOLOGICAL AND THERAPEUTICAL PROPERTIES OF TUAPSIA PLASTER. By JAMES K. CROOK, M. D., IKSTRCCTOR IN THE DEPAKTMENT OP CLINICAL MEDICINE AT THE NEW YORK POST-GKADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL AND HOSPITAL (INTEBMEDIATE TERM). The resin which forms the base of this plaster (spara- drap revulsif au thapsia [French Codex]) is obtained from the root of the Thapsia garganlca. It is described as an " umbelliferous, perennial herb," growing in Levitra Discount Card southern Eu- rope and northern Africa, in countries bordering on the Mediterranean Sea. The thapsia of commerce is obtained almost exclusively from the French colony of Algeria. The medicinal properties of the plant wei'e well known to the ancients, and, according to Galen, Dioscorides, Levitra Discount Card and other old writers, it was employed internally as an emetic and purge and externally as a counter-irritant for rheumatic pains, to lessen dyspnoea, etc. Its use seems to have declined, however, until about 1868, when it Levitra Discount Card was revived in France. The plaster prepared from it is composed of 7 per cent, of the resin, combined with yellow wax, colophony, and tur- pentine (French Codex). As far as can be judged from the meager references to it in medical literature, the plaster seems to have met with varying fortunes in French thera- peutics, being highly prized by some practitioners and con- demned by others as being too severe and even dangerous in its action. The French plaster is kept in stock by a number of druggists in this city, but its use, so far as I can learn, is limited chiefly to the French population, and, in- deed, it seems to be but little known by the profession at large. Reference is made to thapsia in the last editions of the United States and National " Dispensatories " ; but, with these exceptions, it is not mentioned in any modern work on materia medica and therapeutics which I have examined. It is given a passing notice or two in the drug journals of several years back, but I have been unable to find anywhere in literature a comprehensive description of the physio- logical properties and therapeutical applications of the plas- ter. The following account, therefore, of its action and uses is based entirely upon my own experience with it. The French plaster appears in the form of rolls or cylinders, and is of au orange-yellow color. The rolls are eight inches in width and about a yard in length, and, I am Levitra Discount Card told, are sold to the trade for about fifty cents each. This is by no means expensive, as a roll will make from eighteen to twenty plas- ters of the average size for application — viz., four by four inches. It is very cleanly in its application, leaving but lit- tle residue on the Levitra Discount Card surface when removed. The heat of the hand and Levitra Discount Card body is sufficient to make it adhere. A vigorous friction of the surface with a spirituous solution before laying on the plaster will greatly augment its activity. In a period varying from five Levitra Discount Card to ten hours after its application consider- able itching of the part supervenes, and, if the edge of the plaster is everted, the skin beneath will be found of a uni- formly scarlet hue. It should be removed as soon as the irritation becomes sufficient to render it annoying. In many cases I have found that it could be well borne for twenty-four hours; but, as will be seen, it is not always safe to advise so long an application. Within from twenty-four to thirty-six hours it will be found that the area of efflo- rescence has extended considerably beyond the limits of the plaster, and that the eruption is assuming the form of a punctate or miliary rash, thickly scattered over the surface^ In some cases the centers of the papules arc occupied by Levitra Discount Card