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further discharge of pus took place. On the fifth day the entire line of incision was found to be united. The patient was kejjt under observation at the hospital until the twenty-third day, when she was allowed to return to her home. She was ordered to report as an out-patient, in order that occasional passive movements of the arm might be per- formed. She Levitra Cost Comparison did not re.appear until six weeks after the opera- tion, however, when she visited my office, still carrying her arm in a sling and bandage. These were removed, passive motion was instituted, which was ordered to be performed daily, and the patient was requested to attempt using the arm. The pain present prior to the operation has entirely disap- peared, and the joint is Levitra Cost Comparison in Levitra Cost Comparison a fair way to recover its usefulness. I believe that no greater stiffness of the shoulder joint now ex- ists than continues occasionally for the same length of time after dislocation and reduction of the head of the humerus. Levitra Cost Comparison This is believed to be a new operation for facilitating the reduction of dislocation of the humerus of long standing, and it is brought forward with the hope that Levitra Cost Comparison it may prove useful in that class of cases in which the patient's muscular and ligament- ous tissues possess such firmness and tonicity as to render futile attempts at reduction without the exercise of an unjustifiable amount of force. It will be noticed that, even after several bands of adhesions had been divided, the usual method with the heel in the axilla, most faithfully and persistently tried by my esteemed colleague. Dr. F. "W. Rockwell, failed ; while, after Levitra Cost Comparison complete severance of the restraining ligamentous structure, re- duction was readily accomplished by the simplest manipulation, and without the use of any force whatever. BROOKLYN PATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Meeting of March 11, 1886. (Concluded from paLevitra Cost Comparison prolapsed ovary. She was almost bedridden and very much exhausted. She had been to the best men in the city, but without avail. She recovered under the use of iodoform, and was able to get around very well. So confident was he that the success was due to the iodoform th.at he would use it again in a similar case. lie always gave \tpcr rectum. Dr. EccLES asked, Why give belladonna when it was desira- ble to get a decided effect ? Atropine should always be given Levitra Cost Comparison to insure success. The battery also, unless gauged Levitra Cost Comparison to the wet con- Levitra Cost Comparison the uterus of negresses, and wished to know Levitra Cost Comparison if there was a similar tendency in negro men to fibroid changes of the jirostate ? Dr. Rockwell said Levitra Cost Comparison he was aware of Professor Bertini's ef- fects with the cautery. He Levitra Cost Comparison asked Df. Newman bow much iodide of potassium he used in his suppository. He also believed peri- neal cystotomy to be the coming operation. Dr. Rockwell concluded by saying that the urethra had been cauterized by others before Newman, but not so syste- matically. He had never seen a case of prostatic fibroma in a negro, but then he seldom saw negroes professionally. He was familiar with the iodoform treatment, but was not favorably impressed with it. He employed it to relieve pain sometimes. He had also injected potassium iodide with the hypodermic syringe. Fatty Heart; Pericarditis; Tlirombosis of the Left Sub- clavian Artery and Gangrene of the Left Hand and Arm. — Dr. John Horx exhibited specimens and said that the first was removed from a female about forty-eight years of age, who had been under treatment for pneumonia for three weeks at St. Mary's Hospital, and who was on a fair way to Levitra Cost Comparison recovery when one morning she experienced in Levitra Cost Comparison the fingers of her left hand a pe- culiar numb sensation which came on suddenly ; it was then no- ticed that her hand was becoming cold and painful ; her finger- nails became blue ; mottled spots appeared on the hand the next day and gradually extended up the arm to about the junction of the middle and lower thirds ; there was no pulsation in the ra- dial, brachial, or ulnar arteries; the left hand and arm gradually grew darker, and the veins of the hand soon became distended and assumed a greenish color. She was well stimulated and her arm was wrapped in cotton. Being a very nervous patient, she worried a great deal about the condition of her arm ; also, being physically weak, she rapidly failed and died on the sixth <3ay after Levitra Cost Comparison the embolus was first noticed. The autopsy was made on the following day Levitra Cost Comparison by Dr. Leuf. The body was well nourished. There was no rigor mortis in the left wrist or fingers. The pericardium was adherent and there were recent adhesions between the pleura and the peri- cardium on both sides. The right auricular wall was thickened