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rupture of the perin»um, will best yield to a repair of the injury by which it was caused, and, to be effective, this should be done before atrophy of the torn muscles has taken place. Something in the way of palliative treatment may be accomplished by tampons and pessaries and the removal of Levitra Cheapest Price pressure from above, where restoration of the perineal body is impossible ; but perfect relief may never come until Na- ture, by the operation of her ow n beneficent law, terminates the period of ovarian and uterine activity Levitra Cheapest Price and ushers in the normal repose which succeeds the menopause, by reducing the weight of the uterus and the strain upon its ligaments. Finally, it should be borne in mind that the reduction and correction of uterine displacements is Levitra Cheapest Price not always to be sought for nor attained. Nature, in adapting herself to cir- cumstances, after a time becomes tolerant of that which was once a source of great annoyance and discomfort. The gentle lifting of a retroflexed uterus, but slightly movable from old inflammatory adhesions, and its support July 3, 1886.] BOOK NOTICES. 13 by a tampon of elastic cotton in Douglas's cul-de-sac, may Levitra Cheapest Price afford its unfortunate possessor, who at Levitra Cheapest Price best is not infre- quently a chronic invalid and almost incapable of locomo- tion, a few hours of ease, thereby enabling her to ride in an easy carriage or spend an evening in the drawing-room. Thus it is that the nutrition of the parts may become so ■changed, and the relation different structures bear to each other so modified, that the partial correction of a flexion or version, or the slight elevation and temporary elastic sup- port of a retroverted fundus bound by adhesion, or held in an abnormal position by inflammatory deposits, will afford greater relief and better meet the indications than efforts looking toward complete restoration. After'all that patience and skill can accomplish for the ■correction of uterine displacements by mechanical appliances and local treatment, the physician should never forget that the wise adaptation of correct general therapeutic measures, in the way of hygiene and systemic remedies, may be, and often is, the Levitra Cheapest Price determining influence which commands success bv enabling Nature to assert her own most beneficent power. •When mechanical supports, properly and persistently applied, have exerted the full measure of their corrective power and the desired end has not been attained, change of surroundings, a sojourn in the mountains, or a journey by sea, may serve as a Levitra Cheapest Price valuable adjuvant in hastening Levitra Cheapest Price recovery. Knowledge and skill are important requisites in the local management of these conditions, but, to assure their pos- sessor of the highest degree of success, he must be able to bring to their aid the intelligent application of well-estab- lished general principles of practice and the wise selection of appropriate therapeutic measures, medicinal and hygi- enic. 636 WiLLOUGHBY AVENUE. ^ook |l0ttres. BOOKS AXD PAMPHLETS Levitra Cheapest Price RECEIVED. Second Annual Report of the Levitra Cheapest Price Bureau of Animal Industry, for the Year 1885 (U. S. Department of Agriculture). Washington: Government Printing-Office, 1886. Pp. 5 to 662. La limonea cloroidrica nelP ultima pandemia di colera. Eaame delle statistische del dottor Romeo a Marsiglia, e del dottor Virgilio a Pizzone a Levitra Cheapest Price Volturno, pel dottore Cav. Ottavio de Stefano. Con una appendice de altre statistische ed un esame critico. Di quelle publicate dal Prof. Cantaini. Napoli, 188.5. Pp. 4 to 136. A Treatise on the Diseases of the Nervous System. By William A. Hammond, M. D., Surgeon-General U. S. Army {retired list) ; Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System in the New York Post-graduate Medical School and Hospital, etc. With one hundred and twelve Illustrations. Eighth Edition, with Corrections and Additions. New York : D. Appleton & Co., 1886. Pp. 945. [Price, $5.00.] L'annee medicale (huitidme ann^e), 1885. R6sum6 des pro- grSs realises dans les sciences m^dicales. Public sous direction dn Dr. Bourneville, Medecin de I'hospice de Bicetre, etc. Paris: Librairie Plon, 1880. Pp. viii-421. Studies in Pathological Anatomy. By Francis Delatield, M. D., Professor of Pathology and Practical Medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons. Volume II. Part 2. Chronic Phthisis. Lobar Pneumonia. Plates xiii-sxxis. New York : William Wood & Co., 1886. [Price, Levitra Cheapest Price $3.00.] Trait6 616mentaire d'anatomie medicale du systeme nerveux. Par Ch. F6r6, Medecin adjoint de la Salpetriere, etc. Paris : Aux bureaux du Progres medical, 1886. Pp. 5 to 493. Regional Surgery, including Surgical Diagnosis. A Manual for the Use of Students. Part III— The Abdomen and Lower Extremities. By F. A. Soutliam, M. A., M. Levitra Cheapest Price B. Oxon., F. R. C. S. Eng., etc. London: J. & A. Churchill, 1886. Pp. vii to xiv- 577 to 861. Manual of Differential Levitra Cheapest Price Medical Diagnosis. By Condict W. Cutler, M. 8., M. D., etc. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1886. Pp. 161. [Price, $1.25.] Diseases of the Stomach and Intestines : A Manual of Clinical Therapeutics for the Student and Practitioner. By Prof. Du- jardin-Beaumetz, Physician to the Cochin Hospital, etc., Paris. Translated from the Fourth French Edition, by E. P. llurd, M. D., etc., Newburyport, Mass. With Illustrations and one Ohromo-Lithograph. New York : William Wood & Co., 1886. Pp. xvi-1 to 389. [Wood's Library of Standard Medical Au- thors.]