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port, that they are in no danger (practically speaking) of developing yellow fever or conveying the disease. " 8. Sliould any case of fever of any description occur on any vessel of this line after leaving the port of Havana, Levitra Buy Us it must he Levitra Buy Us promptly re- ported by the captain of such vessel on his arrival at the next succeed ing port, either Key West or Tampa, as the case may be, to the health officer of such place. Such fever to be considered as yellow fever, Levitra Buy Us so far as further precautionary measures against its spread are to be main- tained by the ship's officers, and the bedding, blankets, and clothinc' of the person having such Levitra Buy Us fever must be considered as infected material and subject to such conditions as may be directed by the health authori- ties of the port or place where such ease of fever may have been re- ported. " 9. The bill of health of each and every vessel of this line, on each and every trip, during the period above mentioned, must set forth clear ly and distinctly whether or not all the requirements hereinbefore men- tioned have been fully complied with. Inspection of the vessel, passen- gers, officers, and crew should be practiced at Key West and Tampa." Form of Certificate. — " Havana, Cuba, 188.. " This certifies that native of years of age, color , has produced ample and s.aiisfactory proof to me that .... has resided for in the island of Cuba is acclimated to the diseases of the tropics, and is in ... . health at the present time. " '"'kI • • • ■ yellow fever in the year at . " An Improvement in Maltine is announced bv the Maltine Manu- facturing Company. The product now furnished is not so viscid as that formerly in the market, and hence it is more easilv administered Among Its new con.pounds, the company calls special attention to one eontammg maltme and Caseara sagrada, recommended as an efficient safe, and agreeable laxative combined with a valuable nutrient. Jensen's Crystal Pepsin.— The " Medical and Surreal Reporter" says : " The doubt which many physicians harbor in reference to the effect of pepsin arises from their use of an article which is impure We agree with several of our contemporaries in recommending to such the employment of the crystal pepsin, as prepared bv Dr. Jensen of Philadelphia. He has long and intelligently made a close study of 'the most scientific processes for obtaining Levitra Buy Us this therapeutic substance in its greatest purity, and in a form least liable to undergo change. His suc- cess has been marked, and we can give personal Levitra Buy Us teslimonv to the value of his product." 28 maCELLANI. [N. Y. Mnu. JoPK. A Controversial Correspondence about Ovariotomy. —We take the following letters from the " British Medical Journal " for June 19th: '• Sir : Have we not had rather too much of the ovarian biography of Wells according to Tait's 10th edition ? " Levitra Buy Us It is notorious that the first and second phages of ovarian history, according to Tait, left ovariotomy in 1857 on its death-hed. Equally notorious is it that new life was put into it from the moment Wells took it in iiand. The late Dr. Robert Lee had denounced it at a mem- orable meeting of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society. In Levitra Buy Us my hearing, he stigmatized ovariotomists as ' belly-rippers,' and then and there arose a murmur of applause from those present. " No one at all acquainted with the late Mr. Wakley can think of him as narrow-minded oi- captious in regard to methods tending to pro- fessional advancement. He told me himself he was inclined to hold an inquest on every fatal case. " It was not long before Wells ventured to bring bis first account Levitra Buy Us of his work to the notice of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society. The prevailing hostility ceased at once. The president declared that, in his opinion, abdominal surgery presented a new and altogether hopeful aspect. This Levitra Buy Us opiuion was received with acclamation. " Levitra Buy Us This word ' revival,' so caviled at by Mr. Tait, Levitra Buy Us made Levitra Buy Us its first ap- pearance in my sketch of the history of the Samaritan Hospital, and my connection with it, written for one of its annual reports. Sir Spencer Wells adopted it fairly enough, in illustration of part of his address be- fore the Areopagus (so-called), in the Midlands. In reply to inquiries. Wells stated that in not one Levitra Buy Us case among his 1,000 ovariotomies had he perceived any sign of disease in the tubes, as described by Tait ; but, he added, ' I suppose they all go to Birmingham.' " It is well not to forget that Mr. Tait Levitra Buy Us looks upon harmless banter of this kind as injurious to his well-earned reputation ; but what did he himself say about these cases ? ' These poor women, having gone the round Levitra Buy Us of the profession and having submitted themselves to all sorts of treatment, at last found their way down to me.' Levitra Buy Us (1 quote from memory.) " Ovariotomy, Mr. Tait alleges, during his first and second phases of its history, was as successful as other operations. Very likely those were times when the majority of operations comparable in magnitude with ovariotomy ended fatally. " I think I can remember that Mr. Tait stated in one of the journals that, had he started with a mortality of 25 per cent., he would have given up the operation ; but why V And, if so, what meaning is there in his laudation of ovarian work during the first and second 'phases' of his history y " I heartily congratulate Mr. Tait on his marvelous works, not the least of them being 139 ovariotomies in succession through an incision only two inches long, without a death ; but I defy him, had he the choice of any of the five hundred fingers of the Uranids, to deal with half the cases which come to the Samaritan Hospital, through an incision two inches long only. " I need not dwell on the inference except, perhaps, to remark that the loss of a case, the operation accomplished through an incision so limited, would very much surprise the surgeons of the Samaritan Hos- pital. On the other hand, should I find the signs of mischief in the tubes resist a few flying blisters and appropriate Levitra Buy Us treatment, I should not hesitate to send the case in all confidence to Mr. Tait. " Remaining, sir, yours obediently, Henry Savage." "Sir: The aspersion cast upon me by 'Historieus' for having written as I did in 1877 about Sir Spencer Wells and ovariotomy is thoroughly deserved. I have, however, the explanation to offer that 1 accepted Levitra Buy Us what Sir Spencer Wells said about himself, as others did, with- out inquiry. In fact, the dedication of my book is from Sir Spencer Wells's own pen. Some time later — in 1871, I believe — I came across