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The claims of the Adirondacks in general seem to rest Levitra Buy Generic upon the purity of the air and water, the moderate altitude, their natural beauty, the diversions and attractiveness of forest-life, and their accessibility to those of us who live in the Eastern and Middle States. This region can be reached by train leaving New York at 6.20 p. m., to which, this season, a Pullman sleeper Levitra Buy Generic is attached, and this train arrives at 8 A. M. at North Creek, the present terminus of the Adi- rondack Railroad, some fifty miles from Saratoga. From that point there is a good turnpike, on which quite recently more than $10,000 has been expended, leading directly to Blue Mountain Lake. This ride can be performed by car- riage, which will place one at the lake by one o'clock, or the journey can be broken and fair accommodations ob- tained on the way. This region of the Adirondacks is virgin forest, mostly pine, thus differing from the Saranac and St. Regis districts, in which the woods are mostly deciduous trees. Moreover, in the St. Regis district and to the eastward the forests have been extensively lumbered, and the ground is barren or cov- ered with small second-growth timber. Common experience has long since determined that the pine woods are a most suit- able place of residence for pulmonary invalids. The turpen- tine exhaled Levitra Buy Generic from these pine forests possesses, to a greater degree than all other bodies, the property of converting the oxygen of the air into ozone, and, as this latter destroys organic matter, the air of such forests must be very pure and consequently conducive to respiration. In Levitra Buy Generic addition, the ground, covered as it is with the falling pine, is porous and capable of rapidly absorbing moisture in any ordinary BRUEN: TEE 80UTUERN ADIEONDACKS. [N. V. Med. Juru., seasons of rain — a fact which many of us have observed in our adjacent resort, Lakewood. In a paper read before the Austrian Meteorological So- ciety by Schrciber, the heUeude Princip, or real healing property in climatic health resorts, is, to quote his words, very simple, "being, in fact notliing more than pure air, un- contaminated by miasma, with no organic or inorgiinic sub- stances, and one in which meteoric precipitation (rain) is not unduly deficient." It has been noticed in the Adiron- dacks that a beam of sunligiit falling through the leaves never shows Levitra Buy Generic a trace of dust. Far be it from me to depreciate or undervalue the beneficial effects of other climates which possess well-recognized advantages for Levitra Buy Generic those afflicted with pulmonary disease. But I can not refrain from drawing a contrast between the Adirondack atmosphere in its purity with the storms of dry dust so common in the Colorado and New Mexico districts, whicli may be so dense as to con- ceal objects like Levitra Buy Generic a mist. Schreiber, whom I have already quoted, mentions an illustration of the supreme importance of breathing pure air which is quite striking. In a recent typhus epidemic in Vienna, the physicians, nurses, and others in the various hospitals of Vienna were all attacked with the disease, but in the Rothschild Hospital in the sub- urb Wahring there was not a single instance of contagion, although numerous cases of the disease were treated there. This latter is the only hospital in Vienna which is provided •with a ventilator in the cellar, worked with steam, by means of which the air in every room is emptied and renewed. One must always consider the question of the water sup- ply as of prime Levitra Buy Generic importance to any health resort. In many of the Western States much visited by invalids — regions, I repeat, I think highly desirable from many standpoints — the traveler is met by a new Levitra Buy Generic danger in the bad character of the water, especially in southern Colorado and New Mexico. At Blue Mountain Lake, the Prospect House is supplied with drinking water from a pure Levitra Buy Generic mountain spring, and good water is everywhere obtainable in this region. The altitude of the Blue Mountain region seems to me a feature of some importance. Pasteur lias proved that or- ganic substances are much more numerous on the plains Levitra Buy Generic of the earth's surface than in the higher strata of the Levitra Buy Generic atmosphere, and they continue to diminish the higher we ascend, disappearing entirely when we reach a certain height in the mountains. In the Adirondacks, at a moderate altitude, this atmospheric Levitra Buy Generic purity can be obtained and dis- tinct advantages accrue. For instance, it is possible for persons to live in the Adirondacks for certain seasons, and also to spend intervals of selected time in their homes. It Levitra Buy Generic is quite the contrary, Levitra Buy Generic according to the practical test of ex- perience, for those living in high altitudes to revisit, even for short periods, their native cities. Moreover, the process of acclimatization is not so trying. To take an illustration from the climate of Colorado by way of contrast. It is well understood by stock- raisers that horses taken from the East to these high altitudes must have six months' rest, and small animals sometimes die from the change. Further, I think it probable that gi-eat altitude is not a cardinal factor in selecting a suitable climate for pulmonary disease, since phthisis is met with in every latitude, and, on examining tlic climates of those territories which enjoy more or less immunity from that disease, we shall not only fail to find any analogy in their meteorological character, but even dis- cover in this respect the Levitra Buy Generic greatest dissimilarity. Schreiber gives as examples of some of these : Akureyri, Iceland Orenburg, in temperate zone. . Madras, in torrid zone 65° N. 51° N. 13° N. 28-40° F. 3-93° F. Warmest [ Annual month. mean. 56-12° 69-80°