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the cause. Experiments prove that the flesh of tuberculous animals is more infectious than the milk. Toussaiut found that tubercular lung substance from cows was infectious after roasting in the usual way. Klebs and Ballinger state that boiling does not always destroy the infectious quali- ties of tuberculous milk. The question opened up by these statements and experi- ments is too far-reaching to be Levitra 20mg Bayer entered into here, but it is one of vital importance to us all. Tuberculosis is a com- mon disease among stabled cows. Professor Law says Levitra 20mg Bayer that in certain herds that supply New York city with milk (and the same applies to Brooklyn), 20, 30, and even 50 per cent, are affected with this disease. Not only do we use the milk of these cows, but, sooner or later, we consume most of them as beef. During the year that is just past there were seized in the abattoirs of Brooklvn thirtv-one carcasses of beef in which this disease was so pronounced that there could be no question that the meat was totally unfit for use, while one hundred and five showing Levitra 20mg Bayer pleuro- pneumonia were seized. No less a quantity than 86,000 pounds, or forty-three tons, of meats unfit for human food was seized in 1885 in this city. Add to this a considerable amount that escaped detection, and we can form a faint idea of the diseased and unwholesome meat sent to market every year. It is important to know, if possible, in relation to the wholesomeness of the milk of a certain dairy, not only Levitra 20mg Bayer the health of the animals and Levitra 20mg Bayer their surroundings as to cleanli- ness, ventilation, etc., but their food, their care, and the purity of the water used to wash the cans or add to the milk. A sour fermenting food renders the milk acid and indi- gestible. Distillery waste and brewers' grains are notable ' examples of this, both of which produce acid milk. I have been able to detect the milk of swill-fed cows by its com- position and physical properties, and have traced two deaths directly to such milk. How many Levitra 20mg Bayer deaths in young chil- dren have not been Levitra 20mg Bayer traced to this their true cause no one will ever know. How many cases of convulsions or serious illness among children under our care are a form of milk poisoning caused by the milk of cows in heat, overheated and excited cows, or other disturbing causes in the milk, will never be known, and will never be under Levitra 20mg Bayer control. But we must hasten to speak of another subject of great importance. I refer to what, for a better name, we may call food poisoning. Every now and again we meet with cases where some food has caused severe illness in a number of persons, characterized by vomiting, diarrhoea, burning or colicky pain, great prostration of the vital powers, cold extremities, feeble, sometimes slow and sometimes rapid, pulse, and occasionally a scarlatina-like eruption, convul- sions, or death. Occasionally, also, there is a metallic taste in the mouth, with partial paralysis of one or more of the extremities. In most cases the prominent symptoms are vomiting, colicky pain, prostration, and diarrhoea. In certain cases the cause of the sickness may be in indiscretion or pe- culiar idiosyncrasy of the person, while in others it is in some change in the food eaten. Among the indiscretions often leading to such sickness we may mention those most likely to occur. First and foremost, my observation has shown overeating of one dish to be a common cause of such attacks. For example, a servant girl, when questioned in relation to her sickness from eating ice-cream, said : " I know it was the cream, for I ate nothing else for dinner. I ate all I could, and then went out for the Levitra 20mg Bayer afternoon." It was a very hot day and she got quite warm during the after- noon, was out in the sunshine a great deal, and returned home sick at evening. Who wonders at it ? In another case a child ate six to eight ounces of taffy-candy in a half- hour, and was made sick. In other cases a meal has been made upon a meat-pie, or, perhaps, a dish of chowder or Levitra 20mg Bayer salad, at eleven or twelve o'clock at night. A can of fruit or vegetables is bought for a meal, and little or nothing else eaten. A greened pickle is eaten, at bed-time, Levitra 20mg Bayer by a child of six or seven 62 BARTLE7: MODERN ADULTERATIONS IN FOODS. [S. Y. Med. Joir., and a doctor's bill, a suit for damages, or a funeral is the result. The results are likely to be more severe if the dish is a very indigestible one, or if it is taken immediately before or after a period of great emotion, as of great joy, anger, or sorrow. I have met with such a case, where three members of one Levitra 20mg Bayer family ate an ordinary meal, consisting of bread, butter, and cold boiled beef, immediately before attending the funeral of a relative. After returning from the funeral they were all taken sick, and vomited the meal undigested. Others who had eaten of the same articles were not affected. There are, however, cases of undoubted poisoning due to changes in the food eaten. Thus cucumbers and melons, when not Levitra 20mg Bayer fresh, are apt to bring on diarrhoea and vomiting. There seems to be a tendency to develop a purgative sub- stance in all vegetables of the Cucurbitacece family, to which the cucumber and melon belong. Tomatoes, bananas, and many green fruits have a similar tendency. Levitra 20mg Bayer Commencing decomposition in animal and vegetable food is liable to de- velop poisonous principles. Meat which has been kept until it is tender or high, and fish that has become tainted, are apt to produce symptoms of poisoning. Until very recent years we have been at a loss to explain these Levitra 20mg Bayer phenomena, but the subject has recently excited a great deal of atten- tion. The results of study and experiment have conclu- sively shown that proteid substances, while undergoina: spontaneous putrefactive changes under the influence of cer- tain low organisms, may develop alkaloidal poisons of the most \-irulent nature. The poisons formed Levitra 20mg Bayer by the decom- position of such bodies as fibrin, albumin, gelatin, etc., vary with the decomposing body, the organisms causing the de- composition, the temperature, the conditions as to atmos- pheric contact, and the time which the decomposition has consumed. Some products of the decomposition of proteid bodies are innocuous, while others are more or less poison- ous ; among the latter there are great variations of activity. When the decomposition has just begun, there are few of the poisonous alkaloids produced ; afterward, they are abundant, and Levitra 20mg Bayer still later they are decomposed and disappear. Levitra 20mg Bayer As Levitra 20mg Bayer a result of the growth of putrefactive bacteria upon ani- mal flesh, the very poisonous alkaloid, neurine, is produced.