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exacting in her demand for sympathy, very jealous if it was at all denied her. At times she shaiMefiilly abused her nurse and family, and occasionally she had a convulsive attack of hysteria, attended with sobbing and screaming, tearing her hair and cloth- Hay Levitra Generico En Mexico ing;, hurling Hay Levitra Generico En Mexico any article at hand about the room, sliowing the worst features of uncontrollable hysterical emotion. A small hypodermic injection of morphine or a whiflf of ether would quiet her excitement so easily as todetermine its nature beyond doubt. Her aggravated hysterical condition masked the deeper symp- toms to such an extent as to lead several physicians to believe it a case of hysterical paraplegia. The piogress of the ease, however, and its fatal termination, together with points in the history previously undeveloped, established, as well as could be Hay Levitra Generico En Mexico to the patient. In stating his own views upon this subject he did not pre- sume to imply that they represented better practice than that of many present ; but they were given for the pur])Ose of eliciting comparison and comment. It had very early become evident that the excessive and indiscriminate use of anoesthetics in labor was undesirable, worked injury to the mother and possibly to the child, and often retarded the progress of the case. He had there- fore gradually come to the adoption of a plan which practically, with some exceptions, limited the use of the anresthetic in natu- ral labor to the period occupied by the expulsion of the child. Hay Levitra Generico En Mexico Amid the Hay Levitra Generico En Mexico mass of literature upon the prevention of laceration of the perinffium, he recognized but one principle of value — viz. : to retard the birth of the child as long as possible. In numer- ous patients — especially among the higher classes, where pelvic capacity tended to reduction and the fcetal head to dispropor- tionate size — great care was necessary in the delivery to avoid injury to the mother. Abundant experience had convinced him that in the latter class of patients the physician could be of great aid to the patient in preventing perineal laceration by the prop- er use of anaesthetics and by Hay Levitra Generico En Mexico retardation of the delivery. In order that he might have the patient more perfectly under con- trol, he had made her her own angesthetizer. The procedure was as follows : Dispensing with towels, sponges, and extem- porized cones for the administration of the ether, he folded a large handkerchief in a cravat, two inches wide, which was spread on the patient's palm, carried on to the back of the hand, and tied around the wrist. On this the ether was Hay Levitra Generico En Mexico poured, and the patient herself covered her nose and mouth with it. When she felt a pain, she held out the hand for the ether, the palm upward, and from Hay Levitra Generico En Mexico the bottle, held in the free hand of the phy- sician, a teaspoonful or more was poured. When it was ex- hausted she asked for more, and the moment that she became ful- ly under its influence the active muscular effort necessary to hold the hand to the face relaxed and the hand dropped. She seldom, therefore, took ether to an extent which abolished her entire consciousness of what was going on. It this was the case, it was only momentary in duration, .and the patient could be made to appreciate the peretuptory command given to her to avoid any voluntary expulsive efforts when the head distended the outlet. The effort wiis made to consume fifteen to thirty minutes in what otherwise might bo com|ileted in three to five minutes. So the head was extruded in the most gentle way under Hay Levitra Generico En Mexico the action of uterine contractions alone, the patient all the time under the influence of ether to an extent which abolished pain without rendering her so profoundly unconscious as to lose her power of answering to the frequently repeated command of the physician to desist from all auxiliary muscular effort. Here the speaker differed with Lusk, who said: " The aniesthetic should not be pushed to the stage of complete unconsciousness uiitil the head begins to Hay Levitra Generico En Mexico emerge at the vulva " (p. 220). Dr. Ely did not then maintain the anwsthetic at this point, for uterine contraction would then be supplemented by the action of voluntary muscles. Lusk had previously stated that, under the most skilllul manage- ment, laceration was liable to occur unless the physician was able to control the action Hay Levitra Generico En Mexico of the auxiliary expulsive forces. This could not be done if the patient was fully anaesthetized. After the birth of the head a similar management was required for the passage of the shoulders, which often were responsible for an extensive laceration. While many physicians would undoubt- edly commence its use much earlier than was his custom, the simple method Hay Levitra Generico En Mexico which had been described was commended as one which was efficient and satisfactory, and, if desired, dispensed with an assistant. Since the adoption of this treatment he had had fewer and hghter perineal lacerations, a result attributed to the method described. In one sense it was not new. All the text-books said : " Retard the expulsion of the head." All teach- ers of obstetrics lectured to the same eftect, but he did not find that the way of accomplishing this was always thoroughly under- stood . Polypharmacy was defended by Dr. W. J. Heebimak, of Rochester. He defined the word to be the prescribing of many medicines, in contradistinction to its commonly accepted mean- ing — too many medicines. It was in this latter sense thiit the word was used by our neighbors across the therapeutic highway when they vaunted the superior efficacy of their single remedy, and informed us, through the convenient medium of our unstable