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As a contribution to preventive medicine, I woufd bring to the notice of the profession a newly devised cut-off and locking trap-valve for automatically closing the upper ends of drain-pipes with a durable metallic seal and preventing the entrance of sewer gas through water fixtures. The need for more reliable trapping than has been here- tofore attainable is indicated by a very generally felt dis- trust of the various devices now in vogue for excluding sewer gas, and also by the more urgent indication — the prevention of avoidable disease. That a general and grow- ing distrust exists with regard to the action of present trapping appliances there can be no doubt. A livelier interest is manifested than formerly with regard to the presence of sewer gas ; the adoption of improved and in- expensive trapping appliances ; attempts to provide better ventilation for rooms where water fixtures are placed ; the removal of fixtures to remote portions of the house, plac- ing them out of the house proper in an annex ; the use of germicides and the more recently adopted system of roof ventilating pipes in connection with house drainage — are various Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine expedients either for excluding or for annulling the action of sijwer-gas poisons that afford ample testimony to such growing distrust. Besides, it is generally admitted by those familiar with the subject — architects, sanitary en- gineers, and plumbers — that the trapping devices in gen- eral use at the present time are not reliable. This distrust, combined with a developing right appreciation of the inju- rious effects of habitually breathing an atmosphere polluted l)y sewer gas, is at length manifesting itself in a very de- cided manner with respect to the retention and erection of water fixtures requiring drain-pipe connection with the sew- ers. Many, acting on the belief that these drain-pipes lead- ing from the sewers to the interior of houses as at present trapped are dangerous beyond remedy, are removing all fixtures requiring them that can be dispensed with, or, leav- ing them, are cutting out and sealing up the drain-pipes, preferring to dispose of waste water in some less convenient Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine way rather than assume Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine the risk of sewer-gas poisoning that such pipes entail. Others, building or fitting up anew, are leaving out many fixtures heretofore deemed indispensable, especially the stationary basin in bedrooms and the bath- tub and water-closet in rooms adjoining, in fact, are put- ting in as few fixtures throughout as possible, and placing such as they must have as far removed from the sleeping rooms and the more frequented portions of the house as they can, where escaping gas can be more readily got rid of, or will do least harm. The plan of lessening the number of fixtures put in to Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine overcome the effects of imperfect trapping is now being very generally adopted, especially in the construction of first-class apartments and private dwellings. The belief that water fixtures as at present trapped are dangerous, and the action taken in consequence, justify the opinion that, unless a better trapping is provided, the use of such fixtures in the house will soon Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine be almost if not entirely discontinued. An abolition of conveniently placed water fixtures, by which an abundant supply of hot and cold water may be provided, would work most unfortunate results. It would entail in- conveniences and loss of time, and would render an increased service necessary ; would diminish the amount of water used for special and general purposes, and so far Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine contribute to personal and general uncleanliness ; and, what is most im- portant from a sanitary point of view, would lessen the amount of waste water going to promote necessary sewer- age. For the sanitary removal of rapidly accumulating organic debris by sewerage too much water can not be provided. In fact, the sewers should be supplied with running water, in sufficient volume to keep them constantly flushed, in or- der that the debris may be at once washed away. On the other hand, any considerable diminution of water for that purpose, resulting from its lessened use, would favor such accumulations of decomposing matters in the near vicinity of houses as Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine very soon would work serious harm. Society is learning, from the occurrence of fatal and prolonged epidemics where sewerage is not provided or is imperfect, the value of good sewerage, and as to the sani- tary value of private and public cleanliness, that is gener- ally admitted. Hence, water being the necessary requisite for these important objects, its provision in ample supply 64 HGEUTLEH: A JfEW TRAPPINO-FIXTUtlE. [N. Y. Mf.u. Jotk., and its free and abundant use constitute a prune require- ment cf a healthful environment. There is no scarcity of water in nature, Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine and, as it is constantly flowing past us from the highlands and the sur- rounding country into the sea, a wisely directed sanitary economy should aim to divert it Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine in abundance to the needs of social life. Such necessary and abundant supply oi water should be secured by every conmiunity, and then its free use encouraged and provided for by Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine the erection in our "homes of numerous conveniently placed and adequately trapped stationary fixtures. But of equal importance with regard to a sanitary en- vironment is a pure atmosphere, and, as the atmosphere of city Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine homes especially is more likely to be rendered impure by sewer gases that enter through the necessary drain-pipes of water fixtures than by any other cause, Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine the question of preserving a pure house atmosphere in connection with a provision for an abundant use of water is one of the highest importance and, judging from the attention it has received, one heretofore not readily solved. The sewers are always pervaded by a noxious atmos- phere that is largely made up of injurious gases, derived from decomposing, putrescent organic matter, which tend to escape upward aud outward. That the sewers are Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine always pervaded more or less by injurious gases there can be little doubt. If they were properly constructed and adequately flushed with running water, little or no organic matter would be left to decompose in them, and comparatively small amounts of sewer Generic Levitra With Dapoxetine gas could then develop to constitute an element of their atmosphere. But, as sewers are gener- ally constructed too large to promote successful flushing by such limited volume of water as is provided or results from general use, with rough walls that catch and detain sewage material rather than accelerate its removal, with but little and in some places no drainage-pitch, organic matters are not at once removed, but remain throughout, and in many