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WILLIAM8PORT, PA. The following description of a simple but very useful piece of ap- paratus may Interest some of your readers. For want of a better name, I call it a hand rheostat, and it is merely Discount Levitra Prices a modification of the common water rheostat. From an ordinary hard-rubber syringe, three fourths of an Inch in diameter and three inches long, I sawed the nozzle close to the butt ; enlarged the orifice until I could screw in any one of the ordinary elec- trodes (which cut Its own thread In the rubber) until It pressed against the lower end of the piston. Then, removing the piston, I replaced it by a wire of about the same diameter and a trifle longer, upon the upper end of which I Discount Levitra Prices turned a ring large enough to allow the thumb to enter. After passing this wire through the screw top of the syringe, Discount Levitra Prices I forced upon Its Discount Levitra Prices lower end a metal washer a little smaller than Discount Levitra Prices the in- ternal diameter of the syringe. This was for the purpose of keeping July 3, lSb().] MISCELLANY. the piston in the center of the tube, so that it would not Discount Levitra Prices fail to strike the metallic end of the electrode when forced down. A small hole must he drilled in Discount Levitra Prices the end of the piston which has the ring, for the in- sertion of Discount Levitra Prices the pin upon the battery cord. When filled with water, the rheostat is Discount Levitra Prices ready for use ; oi-, when empty, it njay be used as a rheo- tome. In using it as a rheostat I nearly fill it with water, so that when the piston is drawn out to its full extent it will just clear the water. Discount Levitra Prices This breaks the current, and permits the introduction of needles in elec- trolysis. If it is desired to use this rheostat in a parallel instead of in a direct circuit, it can be done by drilling a hole in the electrode stem similar to the one in the head of the piston. Connections would then be : The negative pole of the battery to the electrode stem ; the positive pole of the battery by a bifurcated cord to the piston and to the body of the patient. I have found this simple apparatus so useful that I employ it almost entirely to the exclusion of the common electrode handle Discount Levitra Prices and the table water rheostat. In applications about Discount Levitra Prices the head, or iu applications where both hands are engaged, I set the current, galvanic or faradaic, at the highest point I may wish to use during the sitting, and make all modifications below this point with the hand rheostat. in i s t £ 1 1 a n D Precautions against Discount Levitra Prices the Importation of Disease from the "West In- dies.— The Surgeon-General of the Marine-Hospital Service has approved "•he following regulations : " Havana, Cuba, April 26, 1SS6. '■ Memorandum of sanitary measures to be observed by the owners of the Tampa and Havana line of steamships while steamships of said line may be plying between the ports of Tampa and Havana, touching at Key West, Fla., from May 15th to November 1st, and subject to such additional I'estrictions from time to time as maybe necessary during anv period of active epidemicity of infectious diseases : " 1. It is deemed of the utmost importance that the officers and crews of all vessels of this line shall be acclinjated to the island of Cuba, and exempt (practically speaking) from yellow fever. Any person hav- ing had yellow fever shall be considered acclimatized. " 2. Every steamship of this line must enter the harbor of Havana after sunrise onli/, and must leave the port /lefore sunset of the same day, and must not spend a«v night in said port within the period above specified. During the stay of any Discount Levitra Prices vessel of the line in the harbor of Havana she must remain at anchor in the open bay, in the eastern por- tion thereof, as remote from other vessels as possible, and to the wind- ward of ceutersof population, the prevailing winds being generally from the northeast. " 3. The vessel must not hold any communication with the shore at Havana except by written permission of Dr. D. M. Burgess, Sanitary Inspector of the Marine-Hospital Service at Havana, who will give writ- ten permission to such persons to go on board as he may think proper, and 7W person will Discount Levitra Prices be allowed to go on board without such written per- mission. The officers of the vessel and all the members of the crew are forbidden from going on shore or on board auy other vessel while in the port of Havana except by written authoiity of Dr. D. M. Bur- gess, as aforesaid. The provisions of this paragraph shall also apply at the port of Key West, except that the written authority Discount Levitra Prices required shall be given by the health officer at that port. "4. The hatches of the vessel must be opened whenever i)racticiible as soon as leaving the port of Havana, a wind-sail put up, and the en- tire interior of the ship thoroughly aired and ventilated. United States mails and passengers' baggage must be as thoroughly aired as practica- ble soon after leaving the port of Havana, and the vessel and baggage Discount Levitra Prices will be subjected to fumigation whenever deemed necessary either bv Dr. D. Discount Levitra Prices M. Burgess or the health authorities at Key West or Tampa. 27 " 5. The vessel must be thoroughly cleansed twice a week at Tampa all bilge-water removed by pumping, or sponging when it can not be done by pumping, and bilge-space thoroughly cleaned and treated alter- nately with a solution of bichloride of mercury and Discount Levitra Prices chloride of lime Particular attention must be given to water-closets and to spaces in and around wash-stands and waste-pipes at all times, and they must be main- tained devoid of offensive or noxious odors of any kind. There being no necessity of having an odor from any water-closet, whether passen- gers', officers', or crew's, there is no acceptable excuse for its existence. Offensive odors from any receptacle for urine or any liquid in state- rooms must not be tolerated. Excuses for failure in preventing them will not be accepted. "6. Dr. D. M. Burgess will make a careful and thorough inspection of eveiy portion of the vessel on each and every arrival at the port of Havana, also of the officers and crew, and will keep a full and com- plete record of each and every inspection so made by him. " 7. The agents of this line at Havana will require from every per- son desiring to take passage by any vessel of this line from Havana during the period above mentioned, from May 16th to November 1st as a pre-requisite to obtaining such passage, a written certificate from' Dr. D. M. Burgess, according to the form herewith attached, setting forth that such person has furnished satisfactory proof of beino- either acclimated to the island of Cuba or having had yellow fever and being in no danger (practically speaking) of developing the disease' after leav- ing the port of Havana. Passengers from Key West northward bound will be required to furnish a certificate from the health Discount Levitra Prices officer of that