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Monday, Juli/ 5th : New York Academy of Sciences (Section in Biology); Morrisania Medical Society (private) ; Brook- lyn Anatomical and Surgical Society (private); Utica, N. Y., Medical Library Association; St. Albans, Vt., Comprar Levitra Generico No Brasil Medical Asso- ciation ; Providence, R. I., Medical As-:ociation ; Hartford, Conn., City Medical Association ; Chicago Medical Society. Tuesday, July 6th : Elinira, N. Y., Academy of Medicine ; Buf- falo Medical and Surgical Association; Ogdensburg Medi- cal Association ; Medical Society of the County of Broome (qu.arterly) ; Hudson (Jersey City) and Union (quarterly), N. J., County Medical Societies; Chittenden, Vt., County Medi- cal Society ; Androscoggin, Me., County Medical Associa- tion. Wednesday, July 7th : Medical Society of the County of Rich- mond, N. Y. (annual — Stapleton). Thtjrsdat, July Comprar Levitra Generico No Brasil Sth : Medical Society of the County of Fulton, N. Y. (semi-annual — Johnstown) ; South Boston, Mass., Medical Club (private). Friday, July 9th: Medical Society of Comprar Levitra Generico No Brasil the Town of Saugerties, N. Y. Satordat, July 10th : Worcester, Mass., North District Medi- cal Society. f ettijrs to th ^bitor. MAGENDIE'S SOLUTION IN POST-PARTUM HEMORRHAGE. Oakland, Cal., June S3, 1886. To the Editor of the New York Medical Journal : Sib: I find in the journal for June 12th a letter from Dr. Thomas G. Duncan, on post-partum hjemorrhage, which re- minds me of the fact that I have had little trouble with those usually troublesome and often dangerous cases since adopting the following plan of treatment, and which I have invariably followed for more than fifteen years : On finding the surface of the patient pale, the extremities Comprar Levitra Generico No Brasil cold, with profuse hsemor- rhage, I at once inject hypodermioally from ten to fifteen min- ims of Magendie's solution of sulphate of morphine. This will invariably, and within a few minutes, produce a flushed surface, warm extremities, and a stopped or much-diminished flow. I adopt no Comprar Levitra Generico No Brasil other means — no styptics, no cold compresses, and no foolish "plugging." Truly yours, M. S. MoMahan, M. D. IProcectiings of Socictits. MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE COUNTY OF NEW YORK. Meeting of May S4, 1SS6. The President, Dr. Daniel Lewis, in the Chair. Disease of the Ear in Childhood.— Dr. E. Benjamin Ramsdell read a paper with the object of calling the attention of general practitioners to a neglected but important class of cases which early and simple treatment would often entirely relieve. A brief review of the anatomical relations of the ear showed the importance of disease of that organ. Of 383 cases occurring in children under fourteen years of age which had come under his observation at the Manhattan Eve and Ear Hospital, 340 had been affections of the middle ear, or over ninety per cent., while the auricle and external ear had been affected in only nine per cent., and the internal ear and auditory nerve in only one per cent. In a general way, the cases could Comprar Levitra Generico No Brasil be divided into suppurative and nonsuppurative. The diagnosis of suppuration of the middle ear could almost be made from the presence of a purulent discharge alone, for, out of 227 cases of discharge from tlie oar, in only three had the source of the suppuration been in the external Comprar Levitra Generico No Brasil auditory canal. In such cases the physician would find, on cleaning out the ear, a perforation of the tympanum, and within the cavity would be revealed a suppurative periostitis. A catarrhal process had crept up the Eustachian tube from the naso-pharynx and resulted in suppuration. The treatment should be cleansing and antiphlogistic. The author had re- sorted to such measures as the following : The hot-water douche applied by means of a fountain syringe; in some cases he had used a few drops of a ten-per-cent. solution of peroxide of hy- drogen, followed by the application of soft absorbent cotton on a probe ; in some cases it had been necessary to make astrin- gent applications, as of nitrate-of-silver solution or of tannic acid ; and he had usually made use of powdered borax or iodo- form. Only a sufficient amount of iodoform had been dusted over the inflamed surface to make a thin film. He had also em- Comprar Levitra Generico No Brasil ployed Politzer's method. In Comprar Levitra Generico No Brasil addition to treatment of the ear affection, attention had been given to the naso-pharynx. This treatment, when properly carried out, had resulted in restoration of hearing and healing of the drumhead. A number of cases treated in private practice were related, of which the following was an example: A child, three weeks before it was seen by Dr. Ramsdell, had had pain in the left ear, which was followed by a discharge. Comprar Levitra Generico No Brasil The watch was heard five inches from the right ear, and by the left ear only when pressed on the auricle. There were found to be acute suppurative inflammation of the middle ear on the left side and catarrhal inflammation of the middle ear on the right side, with naso-pharyngeal catarrh. The nose was cleansed with a spray of warm water, and tannin and glycerin were applied to the mucous membrane by means of the cotton-holder. Inflation of the middle ear was practiced by Politzer's method, and the warm-water douche was used twice daily. At the end of eight days the discharge had ceased, the drumhead had healed, and the hearing distance in the left ear had advanced to six inches, and in the right to thirty inches. In the next case there was perforation of the drumhead In both ears; the watch heard at a distance of half an inch on the right side, and of six inches on the left side. A discharge had taken place from the right ear two days previously, and from the left ear that morning. The treatment consisted in gentle inflation, the hot-water douche twice a day, and iodoform blown into each ear. Within three days the discharge ceased, there was no more pain, and the watch could be heard at a distance of twenty-four inches on each side. Three days later both drumheads were Comprar Levitra Generico No Brasil healed. Cleanliness, not drugs, was the sine qua non of the treat- ment of suppurative inflammations of the middle ear. The thick discharge In many cases would resist syringing, and would require careful cleansing with the cotton-holder. The author thought that continued syringing of the ear resulted in some cases in prolonging the inflammation, as some of the water was retained and acted as a poultice. Inflation aided in cleansing the ear. After cleansing, the cavity should be dried, and a non- 18