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feeling ought Buy Levitra Online With Prescription to be set at rest by the announcement by the Com- mittee on Publication tliat the fifth volume will be ready for delivery " in about five weeks." The volume now before us contains papers by Dr. F. A. Castle, Dr. F. H. Bosworth, Dr. E. B. Bronson, Dr. I. E. Taylor, Dr. W. G. Wylie, Dr. T. G. Thomas, Dr. Fordyce Barker, Dr. C. Heitzmann, Dr. R. F. Weir, Dr. P. A. Morrow, Dr. G. B. Fowler, Dr. Leonard We- ber, Dr. H. J. Garrigues, Dr. Robert Abbe, Dr. D. B. Buy Levitra Online With Prescription Delavan, Dr. R. W. Taylor, Dr. R. W. Amidon, and Dr. A. L. Ranney. Some of these papers are notable contributions to the progress of medicine, and all of them are well worthy of preservation in the tasteful form presented by the volume, which is distinctly in advance of that of the preceding volumes. Much credit for this improvement is due the Committee on Publication, Dr. J. E. Janvrin, Dr. F. A. Castle, and Dr. J. C. Peters. We have had frequent occasion to allude to unmistakable signs of the Academy's growing usefulness and prosperity, and this resump- tion of its publications is one of the most significant of those signs. MINOR PARAGRAPHS. OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES. On the 17th of June, as is set forth by our London contem- poraries. Dr. Holmes received the degree of doctor of letters from the University Buy Levitra Online With Prescription of Cambridge. The orator of the occasion remarked that the words applied to Addision, " Pha>bo ante alios dilectus," might appropriately be transferred to Holmes, and concluded with these words: " Videor mihi vatem quendam canentera audivisse, ilium cujus in corde sestas seterna floreret, non vocandum esse senem. Equidem juventutis perpetuee fon- tem ilium quem trans sequor Atlanticum Hispanorum nauta? frustra quferebant, nautam hunc feliciorem, non fabulosas inter insulas sed Academicse juventutis in amore perpetuo, in amore mutuo, invenisse crediderim. Trans occidentis amplum ilium sinum, levi phaselo vectus, diu naviget ; nautili illius ritu, quem versibus tam pulchris descripsit, indies ' per ampliora ad altiora ' tendat. Snam Academiara, per tot sa?cula feliciter conservatam, intra paucos menses carmine sseculari iterum celebret, diuque superstes ipse exornel ; nostra; denique Academise honoris causa adscriptus, diu et nostrum et totius litterarum reipublicee ad fructum floreat, vigeat, valeat, litterarum doctor, Oliver Wen- dell Holmes." Buy Levitra Online With Prescription THE OBSTETRICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON. We are glad to see that the " Transactions " of the society are now to be published in parts. Part 1, for January and Feb- ruary of the current year, has reached us, containing the history of a " Case of Rupture of the Uterus," by Mr. Lovell Drage ; a paper entitled " Cancer (?) of the Body of the Uterus removed by Enucleation," by Dr. Galabin ; one on " The Production of the Shape of the Oblique Pelvis of Nagele," by Dr. G. Ernest Herman ; one on " Buy Levitra Online With Prescription A Case of Gastrotomy for Extra-uterine Ges- tation in which the Placenta never came away," by Dr. James Braithwaite ; " Fungating Papillomata of both Ovaries," and " A Case of Removal of both Ovaries during Pregnancy," by Mr. J. Knowsley Thornton; and the President's annual address, by Dr. John Baptiste Potter. We understand that subscribers are given their choice between the publication in parts and the annual volume. We imagine that many of them will choose the former, and we think the society has acted wisely in deciding upon that form of publication. CHARGES AGAINST A SANITARY Buy Levitra Online With Prescription OFFICIAL. The Mayor of New York having preferred charges against the president of the Board of Health, founded on the alleged complicity of the latter in corrupt action relative to the pur- chase of property for an armory for one of the city regiments, the Governor has listened to the arguments presented by coun- sel for the Mayor and for General Shaler. The point urged in General Shaler's behalf was that the acts charged were not July 10, 1886.1 MINOR PARAGRAPHS. 47 committed by him in his capacity as president of the Board of Health, and that therefore they did not constitute " cause " for his removal from that office. In opposition to this the Mayor's counsel maintained that the acts charged constituted an offense against the laws of the mnnicipality, and that therefore it was competent for the Mayor to act. At the time Buy Levitra Online With Prescription we write, the Governor's decision has not been made known. DR. VINCENT Y. BOWDITCH ON HOMCEOPATHY. In the " Boston Medical and Surgical Journal " for June 30th Dr. Vincent Y. Bovvditch concludes a lecture delivered by him before the Hahnemann Society of the Boston University School of Medicine. The lecture is in the form of elaborate answers to various queries propounded Buy Levitra Online With Prescription by the representatives of the school, under the title of " Homceopathy as viewed by a Mem- ber of the Massachusetts Medical Society," It strikes us as ex- ceedingly fair, temperate, and logical, and we hope that its delivery may have made some impression on those who listened to it. THE SOCIETY OF AMERICAN PHYSICIANS. We must treat this organization gingerly, for one of our con- temporaries points out that it has been guilty of the heinous olfense of pntting the word " the " into its title, instead of call- ing itself a Society of American Physicians ; and another of our contemporai'ies has made the Buy Levitra Online With Prescription interesting discovery that it was organized partly for the purpose of constituting itself the central figure in the proposed confederation of special societies. NEWS ITEMS, ETC. Infectious Diseases m New York.— We are Buy Levitra Online With Prescription indebted to the Sanitary Bureau of the Fourth Division of the Health De- partment for the following statement of cases and deaths re- ported during the two weeks ending July 6, 1886 : DISEASES.