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friends, the non-medical public, that we were using too many 26 REPORTS ON THE PROGRESS OF MEDICINE— NEW INVENTIONS. [N. Y. Mbd. Jouk., drugs. It must be assumed that the polypharmacist was an honest, conscientious, and intelligent physician. The action of a Buy Levitra Online India man who combined from six to twenty ingredients in a pre- scription, without any definite Buy Levitra Online India idea of what he proposed to ac- complish, was not polypharmacy or pharmacy at all. But when an intelligent and skillful physician combined six, or, if one pleased, fifteen ingredients in a prescription, with some definite idea of what he was about, he was using the results of the latest researches in medicine and therapeutics to the best interest of Buy Levitra Online India his patient. Was he not exercising deeper Buy Levitra Online India skill and profounder science than the one who aimed his single remedy at a solitary symptom and trusted to Providence to take care of the oth- ers ? The few words were prompted mainly by the fact that so many accusations were wafted over the fence of our professional back-yard that it seemed but right to say a word in defense of the reputation of true, skillful, and honest polypharmacy. Restoration of Crippled Joints was made the subject of a few remarks by Dr. L. A. Weioel, of Rochester, to which was added the history of an interesting case of fibrous ankylosis in- volving several joints. Their function had been entirely re- stored by hrisement force. OfScers for the Ensuing Year.— The election of officers resulted as follows: President, Dr. J. P. Oreveling, of Auburn; first vice-president. Dr. A. Dann, of Rochester; Buy Levitra Online India second Buy Levitra Online India vice- president. Dr. Gregory Doyle, of Syracuse; secretary. Dr. J. N. Arnold, of Clyde ; treasurer, Dr. Alfred Mercer, of Syra- cuse. The semi-annual meeting will be held in Rochester, on the third Tuesday of November, 1886. Buy Levitra Online India Reports on t!)f f rogrcss of ©fbrcute. GYNECOLOGY. By ANDREW F. CUERIER, M. D. Parovarian Cysts and their Treatment.— Terrillon ("Ann. de gyn- 6c.," Dec, 1885) remarks that these cysts are admitted by most au- thors to be caused by dilatation of the tubes of Rosenmiiller, the rem- nant of the Wolffian body. Verneuil and his followers maintain that their origin is solely in glandular material, while Virchow and his fol- lowers affirm that they may develop from different elements of the l>road ligament. Again, Sir Spencer Wells and Meadows think that they are developed from ovules which are found in the cellular tissue under the hilum of the ovary. Occasionally the cysts are multilocular and recur after evacuation of their contents, and in some cases the liquid contents are of considerable density, containing white or red blood-globules, granular matter of different kinds, eholesterin, and paralbumin. The ovary Buy Levitra Online India may be separated from the cyst by consider- able intervening tissue. If development is decided in the direction of the uterus, the latter organ may be immobilized, a point which Sir Spencer Wells and Olshausen have regarded as of diagnostic impor- tance. These cysts are usually of small size, but sometimes contain as much as twenty or twenty-five litres of fluid. They are not infre- quently present in both broad ligaments simultaneously. They are usually found between the twentieth and fiftieth years of life. Neither pregnancy nor the sexual functions have any marked influence upon their development. The prognosis as to operation is usually good, but enucleation may be very difficult when the tumor Is between the folds of the broad ligament. Rupture of the cyst and torsion of the pedicle, with their consequences, are accidents which may occur. As to treatment, that of a medical character is out of the question. The surgical treatment may be palliative or curative, and the following conclusions express the author's convictions upon that subject: (1) Parovarian cysts may refill even after total evacuation of their con- tents. (2) The process of refilling is ordinarily slow, requiring three or four years or more, but may be accomplished in a few months. (3) In the Interim between evacuation and refilling of the cyst a complete cure is often suspected, and may have been the cause of many premature reports to that effect. (4) Buy Levitra Online India Refilling after puncture is the rule rather than the exception. (6) If the existence of a cyst of this character is suspected, puncture may Buy Levitra Online India always be practiced. (6) Complete or incom- plete ablation Is, Buy Levitra Online India as a rule, required eventually. The mortality from such operations is, usually, not very great. (7) Ablation is preferable to injection with Iodine, which is often insuflScicnt, and may give rise to severe or even fatal accidents. Alterations of the Ganglion of Frankenhauser (Cervico-uterine Gan- glion) in Simple and Parametric Atrophy. — Freund (" Arch. f. Gyuak.," xxvii, 2) says that this nervous apparatus is formed in a very complex manner. It contains nervous filaments from the spinal cord and the great sympathetic, numerous ganglionic corpuscles, perl- and endo- ganglionic connective tissue, and suitable vascularity. The ganglion Is enveloped in a thick sheath of connective tissue. Each of the gangli- onic corpuscles presents the appearance of a fibrous ring, and most of them have two prolongations. They may be colored intensely with ammoniacal carmine. The nerve-fibers are, for the most part, large, and often present a double contour and a characteristic wavy direction. The modifications which are produced under the influence of pregnancy affect all the elements of the gangUon. It becomes hypertrophied and reaches a size once and a half or twice as large as In the unlmpregnated state. This increase of volume is shared by all the elements — nervous, cellular, and vascular. There are also a hyperplasia and a new formation of elements. The modifications which are observed in the course of normal labor are of a regressive nature. Intended to destroy the excess of substance which has been demanded In the course of pregnancy. In this regressive Buy Levitra Online India movement simple or puerperal atrophy may originate. The work of fatty degeneration which affects the nervous elements as the result of parturition, instead of being arrested, may continue under the influence of certain causes, of which phthisis, lactation, and puer- peral diseases are examples. It is not surprising that this ganglion, Buy Levitra Online India with its numerous and Intimate coimections with both the spinal and the sympathetic systems, should in the course of these changes produce the most positive results. In the atrophy which Is associated with posterior parametritis the lesions are quite different. If the disease has not attained a very extsnsive degree of severity, the alterations which are produced affect principally the connective-tissue elements. Subsequently the compressed nervous elements themselves are more Buy Levitra Online India or less profoundly altered. The ganglion becomes elongated and finally lost In the surrounding tissue. The ganglionic corpuscles become less numerous and the seat of brownish-yellow pigmentary deposits. Many of the nerve-fibers disappear, the effect being essentially that which takes place in sclerosis. tefa) Jnbfntions, etc. A HAND RHEOSTAT. Bt JAMES N. FAULKNER, M. D.,