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l^octor \\ ilson outlines the treatment which he found beneficial in these cases. He observed that ill .111 ear totally deaf to voice and tuning forks it is pussible to get ))erception of forks through bone conduction by siunmation of stimuli. Rased on this lie developed a method of treatment which resulted ill a large luimbor of cases in satisfactorv results. For an account of this treatment and the results the original paper will have to be consulted. In con- cluding he said prognosis is good as a rule. While a psychogenic factor cannot fjc denied in concus- sion deafness the frequency of labyrinthine symp- toms immediately following the shell burst speaks against an exclusive view of the psychogenic or functional exjjlanation of the nerve cleafness. SECTION IN OPHTHALMOLOGY. The Relation of Hereditary Eye Defects Buy Levitra Online In Canada to Genetics and Eugenics. — Dr. LtcitN Howe, of ButValcj, >aid that the plan of his paper was to bring the bibliography to date ; to arrange it according to diagnosis ; add new family histories to such eye de- fects ; chart certain histories reported previously only in narrative form ; compare the relation of such defects with the Mcndelian or other principles Buy Levitra Online In Canada of heredity ; show the importance of a differential diag- nosis between defects really hereditary and thc-c due to infection; and to suggest a plan for the preven- tion of hereditary blindness by seijuestration, or by sterilization if the transmitter of the blindness so elects. The bibliography contained a list of over seven hundred articles on the subject, or about two hundred more than had been given in earlier bibli- ographies, all arranged according to diagnoses. Twenty- four new family histories, taken from the family histories of eye defects at the Eugenics Rec- ord Office, Cold Spring Harbor, and over two hurv- dred new charts of family histories, which had been given previously only in narrative form, were also presented. The relation of eye defects to the Men- delian law was shown by the breeding of eye defects in fowls. Some of the family histories of eye de- fects reported as due to heredity were evidently re- sults of infection. It was suggested that a commit- tee be appointed to report upon the question whether the section should advise legislation for the preven- tion of blindness by the sequestration or even the sterilization of persons whose offspring showed that such persons possessed this extreme eye defect as a dominant factor. Later, in executive session, such a committee was appointed. There are four principal routes by which the i\diron- dack region can be penetrated : the Ausable route on the east, the Fulton chain from Trenton Falls, the Buy Levitra Online In Canada Ogdensburg route, and, lastly, the southern entrance from Saratoga. Thus it happens that one may speak of the southern Adi- rondacks from its gateway, and yet the district to which I would invite attention lies almost in the center of the Adi- rondack district. The climate of the Adirondacks has received considerable attention, yet the vicinity of Blue Mountain Lake has been less visited by tourists and invalids than other parts, and I hope to show that the extensive pine forests which are included in this region are a feature which is not possessed by many other portions of this wilderness more generally known. The entire region around Raquette and Forked Lakes is suitable for camps, and is convenient to the base of supplies — Blue Mountain Lake. I feel satis- fied that no one should venture to prescribe a residence in any latitude without, if practicable, some personal experi- ence of its merits and defects. It is manifestly impossiLle for the majority of us to accomplish this, even in a meas- ure. It has, therefore, seemed to me that the statistics and observations I have to offer mav be of some interest, as giving a fair idea of a region which is confessedly growing in importance as a health resort. Blue Mountain Lake lies in a basin formed by the Blue Mountain on the north and a ridge of mountains on the south side. The altitude of the lake is about 1,800 feet above sea-level, and close by is the point of the divide of the Hudson and St. Lawrence water-shed, from which the waters of the Blue Mountain Lake, and the Buy Levitra Online In Canada chain of lakes with which it is connected, flow northward. The prevailing winds are north Buy Levitra Online In Canada of west, which is chiefly owing to the basin-like position of the lake in relation to the environing mountains. The northern, western, and southwestern winds sweep round through the northwestern cleft in the range of hills. The eastern and northeastern, however, come in through an Buy Levitra Online In Canada opposite cleft to the south- east. But, however geographical or meteorological conditions recommend any district, there are certain conditions as Buy Levitra Online In Canada to housing, eating, and drinking which are necessary to those seeking health, and too often overlooked. How frequently our patients return from southern Colorado or New Mexico with the complaint that a well-regulated and prepared diet was unattainable, some being obliged to subsist exclusively on milk, or go to the expense of renting a house and estab- lishing a private kitchen ! Blue Mountain Lake is well equipped to overcome the discomforts which the invalid Buy Levitra Online In Canada traveler must encounter. With the exception of Paul * Read before the American Climatological Association, May, 1886. Smith's, there is no hotel accommodation which can com- pare with it in the Adirondack district. The Prospect House is a large building, situated on the southern shore of the lake. A fair idea of the dimensions of the building can be obtained by the statement that a piazza extends 370 feet along the northern and a portion of the eastern and western sides. There is also a wing built from the center of the main building, with a piazza on the southeast 150 feet long. These piazzas, which are 43 feet above the level of the lake, Buy Levitra Online In Canada make it possible at all times to secure a shel- tered and sunny out-door promenade. The house itself is spacious, \vith open fire-places in the halls and parlors, and is heated throughout with steam. In this wild region the table, the furniture, and the attendance would do credit to a Saratoga hotel. The Prospect House is naturally the feat- ure of the Buy Levitra Online In Canada place as a summer resort; but for winter guests a smaller house has been built, called a cottage, capable of accommodating some thirty or more persons. In many respects this latter house is a more favorable habitat than the larger building. There is furnace-heat in the halls, but each room is provided with an open fire-place, and the com- pact plan on which this cottage is built insures its warmth and comfort. The piazza is inclosed with glass, an obvious and rare Buy Levitra Online In Canada advantage. This cottage is situated to the east of the hotel, on the side of a hill some 75 feet above the lake- level. There are also other boarding-houses and hotels in the vicinity, and Buy Levitra Online In Canada numerous private camps, especially as one passes up the chain of lakes.