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must be gradual, and in consonance with the irrevocable laws of nature ; and it can reach that degree of perfec- tion attained by the white only after generations of develop- ment. In studying the causes and types of insanity among the negroes, many striking peculiarities are met with, but I fail to find a single case exhibiting any of the marked character- istics of hereditary insanity ; there may be some such cases, but the histories accompanying them are so meager and un- satisfactory as to incline me to the belief that hereditary taint plays no part in the course of the disease. The insane negro is combative and homicidal, but sui- cidal tendencies rarely exist. Dementia and melancholia are common, but the most frequent forms met with can best be characterized as moral or emotional, fraught with hallu- cinations and delusions. The superstition and credulity of the negro render his untutored mind ripe for ideas and im- pressions calculated to dethrone his reason, and he falls Buy Levitra Online Canada an easy victim to fear, fright, rage, jealousy, ambition, religious fanaticism, political commotions, and all phases of undue excitement coincident with his surroundings. Many cases have come under my observation of victims suffering under the delusion that they had been " tricked " to prevent the accomplishment of some object, Buy Levitra Online Canada and that this could never be consummated until the spell was broken on them. Many imagine Buy Levitra Online Canada they are God, Christ, or some other grand supernatural personage. One of the most violent pa- tients we have ever had became maniacal on hearing Buy Levitra Online Canada that Mr. Cleveland had been elected President, and another cut his throat on receiving the same tidings. They had been told that their race would be deprived of the rights Buy Levitra Online Canada of citizen- ship and placed again in bondage on the election of a Demo- cratic president ; hence this sudden outburst of frenzy and despair which left their minds in total eclipse. I could cite numerous other instances, but deem these sufficient to prop- erly illustrate some of the inevitable results of wrong ideas and false teachings with which the primitive-minded negro has been so thoroughly indoctrinated. We can not, however, consider all insane who have no respect for our moral code. Negroes have but little regard for their marital obligations ; virtue is almost unknown among them, and, as a result, their loose morals have spread the most loathsome diseases in their midst, with all the con- sequent evil results. The prognosis of the insane with regard to the negro is rather more unfavorable than that of the whites. They are more liable to a recurrence of the disease, and the use of medicines is not followed by as beneficial results as in the case of the whites. In brief, Buy Levitra Online Canada in the treatment of the various forms of Buy Levitra Online Canada in- sanity in the negro race, I have noticed that proper food, plenty of exercise, and rational modes of moral suasion are accompanied with better results, and do infinitely more good in the process Buy Levitra Online Canada of their amelioration and restoration to sanity than do all our medicines. Below I append a table, taken from the Buy Levitra Online Canada census of 1880, showing the distribution of the colored insane and how cared for. These figures are not correct for this date, owing to the rapid increase of insanity, and, as some States have built new asylums during the last few years, more pa- tients find places in the asylums. With a view to getting the table presented as nearly accurate as possible, I have written to several superintendents asking for the number of colored patients in their asylums. Some kindly re- sponded with the desired information, while others gave no answer. In this State our new asylum at Meridian gives accom- modation to eighty colored patients, but we are still sadly iii need of more accommodation for them. Many of our jails and poor-houses are full, and this applies to other States as well, since we observe that few Southern States provide for half their colored insane. This is a sad commentary on our Government. The negro is with us to stay ; he is an acknowledged factor in the body politic, a Buy Levitra Online Canada part and parcel of our Government, and as a citizen and tax-payer he is entitled to all the benefits accruing from our eleemosynary institutions. For my part I believe in segregation, and, when the number justifies it, each State should build separate asylums for the colored insane. I know from experience that it is bad management to mix them with Buy Levitra Online Canada the whites. While I was assistant physician in the Arkansas Asylum we were compelled to put the colored in the same ward with the whites, and it was next to impossible to keep them from constant turmoil. However insane, the whites still feel a repugnance toward the negro, especially when they have to eat in the same dining-room and use the same wash-basins and bath-tubs. And, thus situated, the surroundings of neither can be made homogeneous or satisfactory. In this asylum we set aside two wards for colored pa- tients, and some asylums have detached buildings for them, which is a much better plan, but I do not consider this quite so feasible in their treatment as separate management. In the airing courts and during out-door exercise they Buy Levitra Online Canada meet on an equality, and here, too, we find the same jealous feel- 70 EU0EE8: THOMSEN'S DISEASE. [N. Y. Med. Jock., ino-s aroused bj a contrast on the part of the two classes as to which is granted the most privileges, which is the better clothed or provided for, etc., which engenders bitter feel- ings, frequently resulting in open ruptures between the pa- tients. It is sincerely to be hoped that, while the world is under- going such a remarkably beneficial revolution in regard to the Buy Levitra Online Canada proper care and treatment of our insane, the poor un- fortunate colored ones will not be forgotten. They are our wards, their condition appeals to our sympathy and benefaction, and it behooves us to give them that care and attention which our modern civilization demands. Colored Insane in the United States; Census op 1880. STATES.