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with the collateral diagnosis. The more sthenic forms, in which the pulse is full and strong, the face ilushed, and the vaso-motor paresis not well marked, are to be treated by re- vulsives, and by attention to the chylopoietic system, which is sure to be deranged. The first indication Buy Levitra From India is to be met by sinapisms or turpentine stupes to the clicst, particularly its posterior aspect, or by dry cupping and the use of hydra- gogue cathartics. The best of these is mercury in combina- tion with jalap, or followed by a saline. This not only acts as a derivative, but also as a preliminary measure in the treat- ment of the digestive tract. It should be followed by a free exhibition of the mild alkalies. The bicarbonate of sodium, in pretty full and frequently repeated doses, acts well. It may be combined with small doses of calomel — say, one twelfth of a grain — every two hours. If the tongue is very red and coated, the salicylate of sodium, either alone or in combina- tion with the bicarbonate or with calomel, gives the best results. The diet should be reduced to a minimum, and be such as requires a minimum of digestive Buy Levitra From India power. It should consist of small and frequent doses of Buy Levitra From India skimmed milk, with a fourth part of lime-water, of peptonized milk, or weak beef-tea. Should the case be asthenic, the purge is still indicated, and must be followed by the exhibition of nux vomica, digitalis, or turpentine. A combination of all three will usually act better than one alone. For the local revulsion, turpentine stupes are better than mustard, and dry cupping is frequently better than either. In adynamic cases, par- ticularly in alcoholic subjects, the alcoholic stimulants are of great therapeutic value. The question of blood-letting is a difficult one to treat at the present day, Buy Levitra From India when we have so little experience with it. The evidence of the older writers is not of much value, because it was their habit to bleed promiscuously, and, if they were right, we ought nowadays to lose the greater Buy Levitra From India part of our patients. There seems to be little or no reliable information upon the sub- ject. It would appear reasonable to suppose that very acute cases in robust subjects, when the congestion results from a Buy Levitra From India violent cold, from immersion in cold water, or from the action of the marsh miasm in congestive chill, bleeding, either general or by means of wet cupping, would be of great service. Whether it would be of equal advantage in alcoholic cases, or those in which the vaso-motor paresis is due to nerv- ous exhaustion from excessive fatigue or other depressing in- fluences, is very doubtful. Its employment is deprecated by all authorities on the subject. In the acute and very dan- gerous congestion which occurs Buy Levitra From India as a result of cold in those suffering from mitral stenosis it is worthy of a trial. But the result of a case of the kind in which I aspirated the right heart, and which was reported at a recent meeting of the Pathological Society,* would seem to show that, if bleed- ing is resorted to at all in such cases, it should be done early and before the brain is so overcome by prolonged venous engorgement that the pneumogastrics (?) can no longer con- trol the contractility of the pulmonary vessels. In these Buy Levitra From India severe and desperate cases the digitalis and nux vomica are better administered hypodermically, and the alcohol and food by the rectum. The acute inflammatory diseases to which I shall direct your attention are bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, and croup- ous pneumonia. Of acute bronchitis of the larger tubes I shall have but little to Buy Levitra From India say. The Buy Levitra From India diagnosis of the local disease is so simple as to scarcely admit of a mistake. There .are, however, some things to be observed about the patient which will materially affect the prognosis and Buy Levitra From India treatment. In infants and the aged there is always danger of an ex- tension to the capillary tubes and alveoli. For this reason greater attention must be paid to primarily slight bronchial affections in these subjects than they would otherwise de- mand. It is safe to say that the great majority of cases of capillary bronchitis and broncho-pneumonia, of simple in- flammatory origin, might be prevented by prompt and effi- cient treatment of the condition which precedes Buy Levitra From India it. The early exhibition of a cathartic, mild and continuous counter-irritation by the application of oakum, spice-bags, tincture of iodine or irritating liniments to the chest, and quinine, either in an acid solution or with the bicarbonate of sodium, according to the condition of the stomach, will usually be sufficient to break up an acute bronchitis of ordi- nary severity. Such patients should always be kept in an equable and moderate temperature and a moist atmosphere, and should not be compelled, as they frequently are, to inhale air that has already passed through one room and a Baltimore heater, or other similar abomination. When no fever is present, the quinine may be omitted and a simple expec- torant employed. The acute bronchitis of adults is frequently associated with a dyspeptic condition, or with the rheumatic or gouty diathesis. When such is the case, the ordinary routine treatment should be dispensed with, and the underlying and predisposing condition eliminated. A mercurial purge, or one containing podophyllin, euonymin, or other vegetable cholagogue, should be given, and followed by the adminis- tration of the alkaline sodium salts, or chloride of ammo- nium with nux vomica, if the patient has much gastro- intestinal catarrh. For the gouty diathesis the usual remedies — iodide of potassium and colchicum — should be given ; and, if the patient is evidently rheumatic, the sali- cylates or, in some instances, dilute mineral acids. Small doses of hydrochlorate of morphine, or codeine, with dilate " N. Y. Med. Jour.," April 17, 1886, p. 447 WESTBROOK: DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF DISEASES OF THE CHEST. [N. Y. Med. Joob hydrocyanic acid, will mitigate Buy Levitra From India the cough without disturb- ing the stomach. The nauseating syrups should be reserved for those cases of simple cold in which the patient is other- wise well. Capillary bronchitis is almost .always secondary to tra- cheo-bronchitis. In the majority of cases it is associated with an infectious disease — either epidemic influenza, whoop- ing-cough, measles, or diphtheria — and its gravity will de- pend greatly upon the nature of the infection. When it results from the inhalation of the diphtheritic poison, it is probably always Buy Levitra From India fatal. When measles is the cause it is less fatal than when of diphtheritic origin, but still very grave. In whooping-cough it is a little less seri- ous, and in influenza still less so. But the prognosis, even