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[Reprinted from the American .Journal of Obstetrics and Dis- eases of Women and Children.] The Unity or Duality of Syphilis historically considered. By J. L. Milton, Senior Surgeon to St. John's Buy Levitra 20 Mg Hospital for Dis- eases of the Skin, Edmburgh. The Genu-pectoral Posture — its Value in Impeded L^terine Reduction and in the Prolonged Nausea and Vomiting of Preg- nancy. By Henry F. Campbell, M. D., Augusta, Georgia. [Re- printed from Vol. X, "Gynecological Transactions," 1885.] NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL, A Weekly Review of Medicine. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JULY 10, 1886. THE ANTWERP CONGRESS OF PSYCHIATRY AND NEU- ROLOGY. We have received a copy of certain preambles and resolu- tions, signed by Dr. Frank H. Hamilton, Dr. William M. Mc- Laury, Dr. George W. Wells, and Dr. Jean F. Chauveau, that were passed by the Society of Medical Jurisprudence and State Medicine, of New York, on the 8th of April. The burden of the document is that Mr. Clark BeU has announced himself as the American delegate to the Antwerp congress, which is ex- pected to take action in the matter of classifying mental dis- eases; that, so far as the eminent neurologists who belong to the society have been able to learn, no body of specialists en- gaged in the study of nervous diseases has any knowledge of the reasons for Mr. Bell's appointment, or of Buy Levitra 20 Mg the representa- tions on which it was obtained ; that it is highly desirable that American psychiatry should be worthily repre.sented at the con- gress; that Mr. Bell is not an ahenist, nor even a physician; that the congress be respectfully requested to duly weigh these con- siderations ; and that such bodies as the American Neurological Society and the New England Medico-psycliological Society might safely be depended upon to select worthy representatives in the important undertaking Buy Levitra 20 Mg of classifying psychical disorders. The resolutions further recite that tne classification of mental diseases, however interesting it may be to both lawyers and physicians, is pre-eminently and exclusively a question of medi- cal science, but that Mr. Bell, a lawyer, is the only representa- tive of America on this occasion. We may take it for granted that nothing but weighty rea- sons would have moved the Society of Medical Jurisprudence and State Medicine to pass such pointed resolutions bearing upon the conrse and qualifications of an individual, and it must be admitted that such reasons are abundantly made manifest by the statements embodied in the preambles and resolutions. Conspicuous as Mr. Bell has been in the aft'airs of the Medico- legal Society and as the editor of the " Medico-legal Journal," probably his selection as one of a number of delegates would not have called forth any noteworthy complaint, but that he alone should stand for the whole of Buy Levitra 20 Mg North America in such a matter must be exceedingly unsatisfactory to our alienists. The point as to his credentials is of minor moment, for whoever takes part in such a work generally represents himself and no- body else, and this is commonly understood. The society, and with it our alienists as a body, may therefore draw the consola- tion that the part taken by Mr. Bell in the proceedings at Ant- werp is in no wise likely to be construed as expressing the con- victions or the sentiments of anybody but Mr. Clark Bell. This, of course, does not make amends for the absence of a Buy Levitra 20 Mg competent American representative, and we think that the so- 46 MINOR PARAGRAPHS. [N. Y. Med. Jock., ciety is quite warranted in looking upon the extraordinary and anomalous state of things set forth in tlie preamliles and reso- lutions as a grievance. AN OLD NOTION OF MORBIFIC GERMS. Db. Humbert MoLLiiiRE, of Lyons, has written an octavo volume of rather more than one hundred and fifty pages, in which he gives a sketch of a M. Goififon, a Lyonnese surgeon of the seventeenth century, who, he maintains, was a pioneer in suggesting the germ theory of disease. From a review of M. Meniere's book, in "Lyon medical," we learn that some account of Goiffon was preserved in a work entitled "Les Lyonnais dignes de mdmoire," written by the Abb6 Pernetti, whom the surgeon had cared for in his childhood. In addition to this, M. Mollifere has been so fortunate as to establish the authorship of a little book written by Goiffon, published anonymously in 1721. It was published for the guidance of physicians during epidemics of the plague. The idea of a contagium vimim, in some crude form, is indeed by no means a new one, and there is at least one old book in the Library of the Surgeon-General's Office the author of which Buy Levitra 20 Mg went so far as to give figures of the organisms which he supposed were the causes of several individual diseases. It is worthy of note that most of those who long ago had a glim- mering of the morbific agency of micro-organisms viewed them as belonging to the animal kingdom. It is not surprising, there- fore, to find Buy Levitra 20 Mg Goiffon referring to them as "des vermisseaux, des petits vers, des insectes, des petits corps animus." As re- gards their minuteness, he suggests that they may be as much smaller than the mite as the mite is smaller than the elephant, and this intimation is prima facie evidence that he wrote not from any Buy Levitra 20 Mg actual observation of micro-organisms, but in the ingenious pursuance of his theory. Hence we can not accord much more scientific value to his writings than to the Buy Levitra 20 Mg lines Buy Levitra 20 Mg — ^ Great fleas have little Buy Levitra 20 Mg fleas And lesser fleas to bite 'em. And these small fleas Have smaller fleas. And so ad infinitum. THE NEW VOLUME OF THE ACADEMY OF MEDICINE'S " TRANSACTIONS." Since our last issue was made up, we have received a copy of the fourth volume of the " Transactions Buy Levitra 20 Mg of the New York Academy of Medicine." Several years [had elapsed since the publication of the preceding volume, and some Buy Levitra 20 Mg uncertainty may have been felt as to the continuance of the series. Any such