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coughed but once or twice. The sensation of heaviness and oppression is gone. He is highly pleased with the effects of the plaster. Case V. — B. K., aged Brand Levitra Cheap twenty-three, a patient of the Out- Brand Levitra Cheap door Department of Bellevue Hospital, came under treatment May 27, 1886. The patient says that he was seized about three weeks ago with a severe, sharp pain in the lower part of the left side (left infra-axillary and infra-scapular regions). The pain seemed to have grown in intensity, and he now found it impossible to draw a deep breath witiiout great anguish. He had a constant dry cough. On physical examination, the signs of pleurisy with an effusion of about two inches were discov- ered in the left side. The patient had resorted to liniments, aud had worn a belladonna plaster for the pain, but the relief lind been very slight. Brand Levitra Cheap Syr. ferri iodid. internally w'as ordered, and a thapsia plaster over the seat of pain. Brand Levitra Cheap May 29th. — The patient applied the plaster and allowed it to remain twenty-five hours. Brand Levitra Cheap The characteristic eruption is present. He says the pain has completely disappeared from its original site, but he still has a sensation of soreness in the upper part of the left side, which is very slight, however, and does not interfere with deep inspirations. There had been no return of the pain when the patient was last seen, June 3d. If proper care is not used, the thapsia plaster will some- times relieve one Brand Levitra Cheap condition by replacing it with a worse one. A case in point will exemplify this fact : J. C, unmarried, female, aged twenty-five, applied for treat- ment February 18, 1886. She complained of severe soreness and tension in the muscles of the right scapular region, which July 10, 1886.1 CROOK: PROPERTIES OF THAPSIA PLAbTER. 43 \ had ])ersisted for several months and had resisted treatment. Use of the right arm had been seriously modified by the trouble. A thapsia plaster was ordered to be applied over the muscles. Two days after (Saturday) the patient wrote me a note (which I did not receive until Monday) asjjina; me to call at her home, as the pfaster was acting with great severity. She was well enough to return to the clinic, however, by Tuesday. She then informed me that she had allowed the plaster to remain on eighteen hours. It had produced such intense irritation as to prevent sleep for two nights. Her entire back was covered by the eruption, and the vesicles had Brand Levitra Cheap become confluent, in places forming pustules of considerable size. The sensation of stiff- ness and tension in the muscles, however, bad disappeared. It seemed to me as if it was merely masked by the irritation of the eruption. The patient made a good recovery witliin a few days, both from the eruption and from the original scapulo- ■dynia, but the effects of the plaster could hardly be termed satis- factory in this case. At Brand Levitra Cheap rare intervals the plaster will produce unhappy re- sults, both upon the mind of the patient and upon the course of the affection for whicli it is applied, as shown by the following cases: Case I.— Miss S., a young lady aged twent}-, applied to me for treatment February 22, 1886. She had acute pains and great stiffness in the muscles of the left axillary and dorsal re- gions, due to a severe strain two days previously. I prescribed a thapsia plaster, which was applied at once and allowed to re- main twenty-four hours. At the end of that time a heavy rash had appeared, but the pain of the muscles was not mitigated. Numerous vesicles were formed which coalesced, giving rise to considerable blisters. At the end of seventy-two hours the pain and rigidity of the muscles seemed to Brand Levitra Cheap be intensified, and the irritation of the plaster had been so great as to inter- fere with sleep. The patient recovered within Brand Levitra Cheap a week, first from the original trouble and afterward from the effects of the plaster, but Brand Levitra Cheap wtis by no means pi'epossessed in favor of thapsia. Case II. — S. F., a Kussian peddler, aged thirty-four, came under observation May 29, 1886. The patient had suffered a long time with a dull, heavy pain, and great soreness and rigid- ity in the muscles of the back below the scapula on either side. He had used many remedies without relief. I ordered a thapsia plaster to be applied to the seat of the trouble. June 1st (Tuesday). — The patient applied the thapsia on Satui'day last after Brand Levitra Cheap having the surface vigorously rubbed with spirits of camphor, lie allowed it to remain twenty-five hours, notwithstanding Brand Levitra Cheap the fact that it produced intense pruritus and prevented him from sleeping. An examination showed that the plaster had acted with extraordinary energy. Although the piece applied was only four inches loug by four wide, the entire dorsal aspect of the trunk was found to be covered with the ■eruption. The miliary papules could be seen as high up as the occiput and as low as the coccyx. Tiie skin was intensely red- dened and inrtamed. The eruption had caused the patient great distress, and liad prevented him from continuing his occupation. An inunction of sweet oil was ordered. 5th. — The irritation produced by the thapsia has subsided and the vesicles are scabbing. The primary trouble, however, is not at all ameliorated. The patient thinks it is worse than before. There Brand Levitra Cheap had been no relief of Brand Levitra Cheap the muscular Brand Levitra Cheap trouble what- ever when the patient was last seen, so that the treatment in this case may be regarded as worse than a failure. I have seen other cases in which the plaster did much more than was expected or required of it, but in no case has it acted so severely as in that of the last-mentioned pa- tient, who undoubtedly possessed an abnormal susceptibility to cutaneous irritants. After a somewhat extended Brand Levitra Cheap observation of the action and effects of the thapsia plaster, I am inclined to regard it as a valuable therapeutic agent in properly selected cases. I would recommend its use especially in muscular and rheu- matic pains of long standing in which other remedies have failed to give relief. I have had but little success Brand Levitra Cheap with it in acute troubles of this nature. It has also seemed to me to be a useful application to the chest in the irritation and painful coughs of phthisis and Brand Levitra Cheap chronic bronchitis, especially when accompanied by difficulty of breathing. In cases of simple cardiac palpitation of neurotic origin, the importance of which is often enhanced by the imagination of the pa- tient, a small piece of the plaster applied to the opposite side