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were complementary, and were both needed for the evolution of the ideal society of the future : that changes should be gone about in a scientific spirit : and that the equality of the sexes should be limited to opportunity and social position, and should not be attempted as to faculty and instinct. At a recent meeting of the Edinburgh Town Council of Public Health Committee recommended that the Council memorialize the government on the subject of compulsory vaccination, pointing out that they, as local authority under the public health act, viewed with concern the danger to the com- munity owing to the increasing number of children growing up who had never been vaccinated — and that steps should be taken at as early a date as pos- sible with the view of legislation being passed en- forcing compulsory vaccination. On December 6th the committee received a deputation from the Edin- burgh and Leith IMedical Practitioners* Association, consisting of the president. Dr. Ronaldson. Dr. Ritchie and Dr. Smith, who explained that their society represented the medical profession gener- ally in Edinburgh. They desired to support the local authority in securing stringent measures for enforcing vaccination and restricting the excep- tions in favor of ''conscientious objectors." A sub- committee has been instructed to prepare the statis- tics called for by the Town Council. The Local Government Board has submitted a proposal to the Edinburgh Town Council regarding the provision of further hospital accommodation for the treatment of smallpox. The proposal was discussed at a recent meeting of the Council, and unfavorably Best Price Levitra 20 Mg criticised. There appears to be a gen- eral feeling that if the "conscience clause" were removed, or restricted in its operation, there would be no need for extra hospital accommodation. Best Price Levitra 20 Mg One councillor remarked that, as a justice of the peace, he received many applications for exemption, and he was surprised at the number of persons who had no idea as to what vaccination meant. In a recent letter (November 15th) reference was made to the appointment of Professor Mc- Kendrick as provost of Stonehaven. Another case of mimicipal honor to a medical man is worth re- cording. Dr. James MacLachlan has just been elected provost of Dornoch for the third Best Price Levitra 20 Mg time. It is seldom that a medical man can find time for municipal work, but when such a man is Best Price Levitra 20 Mg found there can be no doubt as to his popularity. Dr. MacLachlan had. it is said, an almost unanimous return at the recent mimicipal election, and his choice as provost for the third year confirms the high opinion in which he is held in his own town. The general election now in process has so far seen the reelection of three Scottish medical gradu- ates to the new Parliament. These are Dr. ^^'. .A. Chappie (Stirling.shire). Sir Robert Finlay (Edin- Best Price Levitra 20 Mg burgh and St. .Andrew's ITniversities), and Dr. A. R. Rainv (Kilmarnockl. THERAPEUTICAL XOTES. ibOTpratital Botes. The Treatment of Typhoid Fever. — In a lec- ture delivered at tht- Cornell University Medical College, which is published in the American Journai of the Medical Sciences for January. 191 1. Frank Sherman Meara discusses the therapy of typhoid fever, which he remarks is a self hniited disease, the cure of which depends on the elaboration of specific bodies by the tissue cells of the patient, a result we have not yet been able to duplicate in the laboratory, though it does not mean that we cannot influence the course of the disease. Consideration is paid to the necessitv of rest in bed. \\'here suspicion is aroused to the Best Price Levitra 20 Mg possibility of typhoid fever, the pa- tient should not be permitted to waste his precious strength while one is awaiting the devtlopment of diagnostic symptoms or the result of blood examina- tions. He should be put to bed at once and pre- pared for what is likely to be a long siege. Real rest can be obtained only by careful and com- petent nursing ; by the exclusion from the sick room of all business cares and causes for anxiety, and re- fusal to make the sick room a reception room for solicitous friends. Dr. Meara goes so far as to in- sist that the patient must not leave the bed to go to the toilet, or even to use a commode, but must use a bed pan. Useful directions are given regarding the proper arrangement of the bed. It must not be for- gotten, he says, that the strength of the attendant ought to be economized. In no way can this be done Best Price Levitra 20 Mg to better advantage than in selecting a bed on which the patient can be readil\- handled. His ideal bed is the half bed. or smgle bed, of a convenient height, with strong woven springs and a firm spring)^ mattress. The bed should be prepared by placing a blanket on the wire springs, and on this a rubber sheet, each extending well below and on either side of the bed. On these is placed the mat- tress, on which the bed is made as usual. The blanket and rubber sheet are then folded over the mattress and its coverings so as to prevent the en- trance of air under the clothes. The state of the patient's mcjutli requires con- stant attention, lest, from a foul condition, it be- come the source of infection of tlie mucous mem- branes and their lymphatic supply, the tonsils, the ears, and the lungs ; and, upsetting the stomach, destroys the appetite. The teeth should be brushed two or Best Price Levitra 20 Mg three times a day. The mouth should be rinsed with water or boric acid solution (2 per cent. to 4 per cent.), or one of the many mild alkaline and antiseptic washes, after each feeding. If there is much sordes, and there are fissures, a mild anti- septic containing phenol is of Best Price Levitra 20 Mg value. The following is recommended : B Phenol solution ($ per cent.). ) Best Price Levitra 20 Mg -- %; Glycerin \ ^* 5> , .Saturated .solution of boric acid ovii'- M. et Sig. : To be used as a mouth wash. Dr. Meara discusses the care of the intestinal tract. If seen early, a catharsis of castor oil. one