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sumed palliation has no real existence ; she knows that, but for exceptional instances, the three hundred thousand women of the New England States and the State of New York for whom marriage is an impossibility, ^s Dr. McLanry remarks, bewail their enforced maidenhood, if they bewail it at all, for other reasons than the one suggested. Acquisto Levitra Generico In Italia She is therefore quite justified in declining to ignore (we do not say forgive) a course of licen- tiousness which she feels outraged at hearing compared to the sheer giving way of poor human nature under the pressure of its own weight. We are com-inced that the first step to be taken in bringing a community to a proper understanding of the subject is the overthrow of this initial error, and in this achievement medical observation ought to be of distinct ser- vice. THE ILLINOIS STATE BOARD OF HEALTH'S FIGHT WITH QUACKERY. In Dr. Rauch's reports to the Illinois State Board of Health, of which he is the secretary, one is apt to meet with inter- esting matter energetically presented. The report which he made to the board on the occasion of its last quarterly meet- ing is no exception to this rule. It contains a succinct account of the proceedings of a sanitary conference held in Springfield toward the close of May, a paragraph on Acquisto Levitra Generico In Italia tlie general health of the State during the quarter, with a brief allusion to a case of recovery from Acquisto Levitra Generico In Italia glanders in the human subject, the report of a recent inspection of the water supply and sewerage of Chicago, and a statement of the present status of cholera in Europe. Each of these subjects is handled with the secretary's usual clearness and vigor, and what he has to say about them can not fail to prove of interest to readers of the document. Doubt- less, however, this part of the report will not generally be thought so entertaining as the portion that precedes it, in which certain quackish doings are recounted and stigmatized as they deserve. It seems that a graduate of the Hahnemann Medical Col- lege of Chicago, named Heath, was granted by the board, in 1879, a certificate enabling him to practice under the laws of the State. In issuing the certificate, the board, of course, did no more than its duty compelled it to do Acquisto Levitra Generico In Italia under the law, and no more than, in its regular line of work, it was doing for every graduate of a legally reputable medical college who asked for its certificate. Nevertheless, this man Heath, having gone out Acquisto Levitra Generico In Italia of Illinois, has indulged in the usual ad captandiim devices of quacks, including the distribution of a circular concluding with the statement : " The following-named doctors stand at the head of the medical profession, and have indorsed the papers of Dr. Heath and recommended him as a physician and surgeon." Then follows a list of the members of the Illi- nois Acquisto Levitra Generico In Italia State Board of Health and of the signers of the man's diploma. Dr. Eauch very properly recommended the revoca- tion of Heath's certificate, for " unprofessional and dishonora- ble conduct," and we are glad to see that the board took action to that effect. Another subject of interest mentioned in the report is a concern termed the Chicago Northwestern College, an inquiry into the affairs of which was prompted by questions from Iowa, where a man had presented a diploma issued by the institution, which has also been known as the Edinburgh University of Chicago. It did not confine its eflr'orts to teaching medicine, but professed also to teach " the common English branches usually taught in common academies of learning," including " phi- lociphy," and, like the penniless Scotch nobleman's devoted adherent, it accounted for its lack of certain of Acquisto Levitra Generico In Italia the resources of a college by mentioning that they had been destroyed by " the great fire." MINOR PARAGE Acquisto Levitra Generico In Italia APRS. AMERICAN DENTISTS IN GERMANY. The Acquisto Levitra Generico In Italia excellence of American dentistry is nothing new to Europeans, but it is not often that such tangible testimony Acquisto Levitra Generico In Italia is borne to it as is involved in the establishment of a German journal as the expre.'s exponent of the thought and interests of German dentists educated in America. Such is the function of the "Journal fiir Zahnheilkunde, Vereins-Organ der deutschen Vereinigung in Amerika graduirter Doctoren der Zahnheil- kunde," the first number of which has just reached us. The new journal, which is to be a quarterly at first, with the pros- pect of more frequent publication in the future, is edited by Dr. Erich Riohter, and published in Breslau. The initial issue is handsome in appearance, and is fiUed with excellent matter. We have no doubt of its prosperity, and we wish it the fullest measure of success, quite as much for its own merit as out of gratification at the implied honor to our country. AN AMERICAN NOSTRUM IN SOUTH AMERICA. Of quite a diflferent tenor are the doings of one Bloom, who has been brought before the Procurator of Justice in Buenos Aires, according to the " Noticioso Medico," charged with sell- ing pills containing substances notoriously injurious to health. An analysis by the Board of Health showed that each pill con- tained a milligramme of phosphorus, two miUigrammes and a half of strychnine and brucine, and a notable quantity of can- tharides. Clinical data were brought forward showing that the pills had produced gastritis in persons who had taken them. NEWS ITEMS, ETC. Infectious Diseases in New York.— We are indebted to the Sanitary Bureau of the Fourth Division of the Health De- partment for the following statement of cases and deaths re- ported during the two weeks ending July 13, 1886 : DISEASES. Typhus Typhoid fever Scarlet fever Cerebro-spinal meningitis. Measles Diplitheria Small-pox Week ending July 6. ' Week ending July 13.